Thursday, December 9, 2010


I know, I have been slacking on the writing.  And I feel bad, because I love to write.  But, I have literally been sewing every free second I have.  I am determined to get these Christmas presents finished.  And that means staying up late, getting up early, and working through naptime.  The good news is I only have a few more pajama sets to make.

The bad news is I am getting really sick of making them. 

I am pretty sure I know now how the people who sit in workshops, making pennies a day, sewing t-shirts over and over again for Walmart feel.  Seriously.  I am so sick of the pattern, that when I went to cut the smaller size, I didn't even save the larger size.  Nope.  I just whacked it off.  So, if I ever need to make those jammies in a size 7-8 again I am just S.O.L. 

Honestly though.  I won't ever need that size again.  Because I am not going to make it again.  Relatively certain I am going to throw the whole pattern in the trash. 

My grandmother is rolling over in her grave right now, and will probably visit me in my sleep, lecture me on how wasteful that is, and haunt me until I pull it out of the trash can.  I already feel guilty for throwing away the 4cm x 5cm pieces of material that were on the edges of what I cut.  Seriously.  She even saved those, because they could be used for stuffing at a later date. 

God bless that woman.

I took my daughter to get the blood work for her upcoming surgery today.  She is not looking forward to it, and neither am I.  I don't like seeing my babies in pain, but constant sore throats are no fun either.  I probably won't be around much next week, as her surgery is on Wednesday.  She is quite the drama queen when it comes to pain! 

One last note, before I take my I-wok-up-at-4:30-and-am-exhausted butt to bed. 

My favorite part about Christmas is the music.  Oh Come Emmanuel,  and O Holy Night are two of my favorite classics.  But, I have this inner rock side.  I secretly listen to Mettalica, GodSmack, Steelheart, Guns and Roses, Iron Maiden and Alice in Chains when my kids aren't around.  (Shhh!  Don't tell anyone!!!  Especially my dad!)  Anyhow, my rock world and Christmas world combined tonight.  Trans Siberian Orchestras Christmas Canon Rock. 

Oh. My. Gosh.  I literally sat there with goosebumps, and by the time the song was over I had tears coming down my face.  Really glad I was alone.  This song is and always will be at the top of my favorites, no matter how you play it.  I even walked down the aisle to this song when I married my man!  And, if you watch the version that shows the band playing it, you'll see I even get my longeighties-hair-band fix!!!

So, here is my early Christmas present to you! 
Trans Siberian Orchestra: Pachabel's Canon in D - Christmas Canon Rock

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