Thursday, October 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 20

Oh man.  I've already written about some of these things!  So today's challenge is how important I think education is.

Well now, isn't that a loaded gun that gets comments out the wazoo.

My children's education is absolutely one of the top priorities in my life.  During the summer, Mattie and I home school, because I hate to see brains go to boob-tube waste.  One of my constant prayers is that God will increase not only my children's knowledge, but also their wisdom. I pray for their teachers, and for my friends who are teachers.

You can read about my personal views on college here.  I did not go to college.  I had no desire to go to college, nor do I have the desire now.  I do want my children to go to college, but I won't to force them to go if they feel led down another path (unless that path is something stupid, like, say, falling in love with some guy halfway across the country...nevermind.)

Mattie has already told me she has every intention of pursuing a college career, to which I responded, "That's AWESOME!  What do you think you want to study?"  She said she didn't care, but that she wanted to go to Texas A&M.  That's a good thing, too, because that is where we want her to go!

I know some people who have been served well by a college education.  I also know some who make far more money working a job that doesn't even require a degree.  In fact, Barb Wire Man once said the only reason he thinks everyone should go to college is to learn to party and get it out of their system.

God uses whom He will, whether uneducated or educated.  Thankfully!

Barb Wire Man started a new schedule this morning, which involves him leaving the house before 3:00 AM.  I did not wake up with him this morning, and as a result ended up sleeping until 6:00!  I am way behind...I have some catching up to do!

So what are your opinions on education?


  1. Parents think that they are working to provide an education for their children. I assure you that the children are the ones providing the education. College is great! But stubborn daughters are much more educational. More bang for your buck. :-)

  2. I have to agree with you. Education is great for some people, however it is not for everyone. I have had the privilege of knowing many of people that never went to college, and are smarter than some that did. My grandma was one of them she did not even finish high school. She was one out six kids that did not finish high school. Than you have people like my husband that has three diplomas from three different schools. To him school is very important, but that is what he is best at and loves it. I am rambling sorry.

  3. 3:00 AM???? that is terrible!
    i went to college for years and barley made a dent, im 2 away from my associates but dont have the money to complete it because im paying off the 15,000 in debt from school so far... so that i have that pays really good money...500$ off that a month goes to debt for a degree i dont even have yet and probably will not go back to finish. Totally not proud of it and I want my children to go to college because more doors would've been opened for me if I had...but for me personally, it wasn't what I was suppose to do and i kept pushing because i thought it was the right thing.

  4. It wasn't for me...that is for sure! The hubs has 2 degrees, and his job doesn't really use them. But we still have a crazy amount of loans to pay off though!
    And Ashley, can you believe he called earlier to tell me that he decided today that to make the kind of time he wants, he needs to leave earlier! I asked how early and he said 1AM. I didn't know 1 AM came twice a day!


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