Friday, October 14, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 21

It's Friday!  Friday nights are the only nights at our house when the only thing on the agenda is staying at home and spending time with the family.  I cherish them.  I don't like going anywhere unless we have to go.  Tonight, Flower and I will be spending the evening finishing up her science fair project!  I'm so excited about this!  It is the first time she has entered a competition in school.  But the best part is she is excited!  She has poured a lot of energy into this project, and is really giving it her all.  I'm praying she does well, and I really think she has a great shot at scoring really high!

So, on to today's question!

One of my favorite TV shows?

TV has to be one of the biggest wastes of time...seriously.

If for some strange, totally unlikely reason Barb Wire Man and I ever split, the first thing I would do is get rid of that stupid TV.  I wouldn't even miss it for a second.

But, I do like a few shows.  How I Met Your Mother really makes me laugh.  Sadly, I do watch Jersey Shore, but it only reminds me how grateful I am that I am not like that at all.  And Barb Wire Man usually thanks me for being nothing like that!  I'm a sucker for the History Channel.  And the occassional Sons of Anarchy, which I admitted to watching the other day.  

But, I'd give up all of those gladly, because I HATE TV!  HATE IT I TELL YOU!  Seriously.  Think of how many things we could be doing if not for TV, like: spending time with family, or knitting, or reading, or serving God!  

And you?  What is your favorite TV show?

Now, off to start my day with a daily dose of the Word and house cleaning!
Be blessed!


  1. I love How I Met Your Mother!!! And Food Network

  2. My favorites are The Mentalist and The Office. But yes, even as much as I like them, I could easily part with my TVs too. I agree that watching TV (as well as playing video games) are a huge waste of time. Now, if only I didn't waste time on the internet either... ha :-)


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