Monday, October 17, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 21

I pray you all had a blessed weekend!  I did...very relaxing!  Saturday was jammed packed.  After taking the kids on an early morning trip to the donut store, we worked on Flower's volleyball project all morning.  We paused just long enough for her volleyball game, then had to make our monthly run to the grocery store.  I hate shopping for groceries and I spent to much money, but the company was great, since Flower went along with me!  Sunday was another great church service.  The youth of our church lead the service, and it was really neat.  I can say that after all these years, I can still find ways in which my life was impacted by my youth group.  It is so important to invest time into young people!  Pastor's daughter talked about her mission trip to a Ugandan orphanage.  I cried.  Then, I came home and asked Barb Wire Man if we could adopt one of those babies.  He said no.  I guess I better start praying!

Now, for today's question...

How have you changed in the last two years?

Well, now, I might have to think on this one!

I'm definitely a much calmer person than I was two years ago.  I don't tend to over react like I used to do!

I don't think I am as nice as I used to be.  Now, don't get the wrong impressions here!  I'm still a nice person, but I have had to learn how to say "no" to people.  I am nice to a fault.  I've been told that I am too nice, and allow too many people to walk all over me.  I have always tried to please everyone, so I'm learning how to just be me.  And if the other person wants me to be, or do, something that suits them better, I won't.  They can either take me like I am, or move on.

I think maybe Barb Wire Man or my mom should have written this particular post for me!  They know me better than I do, and could tell you more!  I really don't think I have changed that much!

I'm better able to be by myself now.  I used to get pretty scared if Barb Wire Man had to be gone for work overnight.  I couldn't sleep, and I worried all night long.  If I heard the dogs bark, I got up and inspected.  I slept with a pistol under my mattress just in case.  These days, I know I am tough enough to be alone for a little bit, and that I'm going to be okay whether he is home or not.  But I still sleep with a pistol under my mattress.

Two years ago, I was just starting the Stay At Home Mom thing.  I wasn't sure if I could handle "doing nothing" all day.  Now, I know I can handle it just fine.  I'm just wondering now when the "doing nothing" part starts.

Be blessed today!


  1. "Now, I know I can handle it just fine. I'm just wondering now when the "doing nothing" part starts." LOL. you're the best.

  2. Hey Plum! I have just given you the Versatile Blogger Award!

    Come claim your button and play along if you like..


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