Monday, October 24, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 23

Shame on me for not writing for a whole week.  I'm such a slacker!

I'm skipping today's challenge because I just don't like it.  I'm supposed to post pictures of 5 famous people I think are attractive.  First, I just don't have time to do that!  (Its only 5:30 and the Little Man is already awake!)  Second, I have this thing about famous people.  They are still just people.  I don't like that so many famous people are idolized.  So, while there are a few who are pretty darn good looking, I'm not going to plaster their mugs all over my blog.

Last week was crazy!  Flower's science fair at school is today, so we spent all of last week finalizing her project.  Let me tell you, between an 8 year old who inherited her mom's perfectionism, and a mom who hasn't learned not to be a perfectionist, it took us awhile.  However, she has studied and studied, and put her heart into this project.  I'm not biased at all, but I'm pretty sure she has a shot at winning this thing.  I'll post pictures later!

I had two ladies order some Christmas gifts from me, so I have been spending a lot of time knitting, and I'm not close to being finished!  That is what I have been doing in most of my spare time.  

I haven't posted pictures in awhile, either.  Its that whole "time thing" again.  I'm happy I'm even on here this morning!  I haven't forgotten about everyone, I promise!  

I was thinking recently about how today's church too often waters down scripture, we have to sugar coat things to make it acceptable.  Then, this morning, a friend raised a question on Facebook:  is God a tolerant or intolerant God?  He proposed that Christians should learn to be more tolerant of the things we view as sins.  I've yet to find scripture that shows a place where God was tolerant...quite the opposite.  In Scripture, God never tolerated anything that went against His Law.  Jesus wasn't tolerant of sinful behavior, either.  In fact, Jesus was so unhappy once that he overturned tables in the Synagogue because they had turned it from a place of worship into a marketplace.  

Is God a loving God?  Most certainly.  In the Bible, He always gave people the chance to turn away from their sin.  If they didn't, then they were punished, but He never turned a blind eye and became tolerant. Ephesians 5:1-2 says "Follow God's example, therefore, as dearly loved children, and walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God."

I have searched, but I cannot find a scripture that says I need to be tolerant of sins. I'm not tolerant of my children's misbehavior, but I still love them.  I explain why their actions are wrong, and give them a chance to stop acting that way.  If they don't, then they are punished.  

I know my answer isn't a popular one, and my opinion has probably upset a few people.  But, I try to balance everything I think, say and do by the Bible.  (I said try....I'm not always perfect!) I cannot be tolerant of the things scripture says is wrong.  I can love the person, and treat them with kindness, but I will not pretend like the things they are doing are fine and dandy. 

**stepping down from soapbox**

I pray you all have a blessed day, and I will try really hard to not go an entire week without posting again!

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  1. "I was thinking recently about how today's church too often waters down scripture" me and kevin were just talking about this last night.


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