Thursday, October 28, 2010

~~~About Me!~~~

My name is Emily, and I am a late 20-something with no time on my hands to be writing a blog, but I somehow work it in!  I have been married to my best friend, who I call Barb Wire Man for 6 years.  When we were first together, we heard a song with the words "soft as silk she stands by her barbed wire man".  He is one tough dude, folks, and not a small man either.  He rides a Harley for fun, and drives a semi-truck for a living.  He looks downright mean, and most people think he is always mad at something.  Truth be told, he is a big old teddy bear when it comes to me, and the kids.  He would fight to the death for us.  He is my  man, and our love grows stronger every day!

I have two children, who are my everything.  My oldest, my little Flower, is 7.  I call her Flower because she was born in May.  The month (really, year) before she was born was quite a terrible time.  My first marriage was ending.  I always tell her that my April showers brought my little May Flower.  She is a handful...and just like me.
My son is almost 2.  He is the craziest, wildest, most destructive little boy I have ever seen.  He has his daddy's attitude, and his mommy's heart.  He loves football and motorcycles already.  You'd better lock up your daughters, friends!

There are a few things to know about me.  I am very passionate about the things I love.  They include my God, my family, my state and my country.  I am a uber conservative, Bible-thumpin', gun carryin', Texas girl.  I love knitting, riding motorcycles, all things vintage, hot tea and windmills.  I secretly want to be a 1940's housewife.  I run a daycare from my home, and love my daycare kids my own.  I own 13 Plum Knitted Creations, where I sell my hand-knit goods.  You can visit my online store at!  I also sew, and love to be creative.  I hate waste, and am an incredibly frugal person.  No one will ever be able to figure me out completely, except for maybe my mom, and I confuse even her.  Don't ask for my opinion, or I will tell you exactly how I feel about the situation.  I am right 98% of the time.  The other 2% I thought I was wrong, but realized later I was actually right! 

My favorite book in the Bible is Job.  I can't tell you my favorite verse, because as my dad said, "Emily, I could name you every verse in the Bible and you would say 'oh that is my favorite!"

I would be lost without music.  I love everything from Dan Fogelberg to Metallica, Beethoven to Flatt & Scruggs, and the Eagles to Charlie Daniels.  My daddy will always be my favorite musician.

I am sarcastic beyond belief, and there will be days, probably a lot of them, where my post will be written entirely tongue in cheek.

I hope this gives you some insight as to why I write, and what I write about.  Enjoy reading!

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