Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tea Time on Tuesday

My apologies, all, for not getting a Memory Monday post up!  I did have a plan in my head for what to write, however, my plans were changed!

One of my closest friends, if not my very best friend, came by house to see me yesterday, bringing her daughter, son-in-law, and brand new granddaughter!  Little Claire is only two weeks old, and they brought her by for me to see.  I was there when she was born, and it was, next to the birth of my own children, one of the most impactful moments I have ever experienced.  I saw them bring the baby from the delivery room, into the nursery to measure and weigh her.  I saw the tears streaming down her new mommy's face as they wheeled her into her recovery room to hold her baby for the first time.  I know that when I held each of my children, I had experience real, true love.  But this day, I saw real true love on another's face.  I am not generally given to "hokey" moments, but it truly was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. 

So, instead of writing, I chose to sit on my butt on my couch, holding a beautiful new creation.  Truly a blessing from above.

I also want to apologize for the fact that I still do not have pictures up of my new t-shirt scarves. I know you will all love them, and can't wait to show them off!  That, however, goes back to baby Claire as well!  Her grandma is my photographer.  We have set in stone, though, that the pictures will be taken tomorrow, and pictures will be posted tomorrow.  Its a good thing, too, because just by word of mouth they are going fast!  I thought they were really cute, and hoped others would as well.  Sure enough, people are loving them!  I hope I can keep up with demand!
How was everyone's weekend?  Ours was very eventful!  The mini-me's and I spent time with my last living grandparents.  My father and his siblings had made the decision to move them into an assisted living center, due to their age and failing health.  They would be living in the same town as my dad, allowing him to go see them every day, versus the weekly visit he makes now.  I thought this would be the last time I was able to visit with them in the home I had grown to love so much.  You can understand, I am sure, that leaving the home you had lived in for all but 5 of your 67 years of marriage would be difficult, to say the least.  Let's just say they put up a pretty big fight about it.  I received a call from my dad the following day saying my grandparents won the fight, and would continue to stay in their home and receive in home nurse care. 

My dear sweet husband, Mr. Barbed Wire Man, decided to go riding his Harley Davidson with some of his riding buddies. 

I call him my barb wire man because I heard it in a song - "soft as silk she stands by her barbed wire man".  He is a rough man, and  most people who see him think he is a horse's rear and meaner then an old wet hen.  In all honestly, he is a big ol' teddy bear, but he has to act tough.  He does ride a Harley, after all.

Back to the story.  My husband went riding with 3 of his closest riding buddies.  My kids call them granparents and uncles.  They stayed in Amarillo literally all day, hanging out, having a few beers, and just enjoying the gorgeous Texas fall day.  He finally came home.  At midnight.  With a new tattoo.  His first.  I am not going to tell you how the rest of the story went.  It wasn't pretty, but what is done is done, right?!

My old sewing machine gave me hell all day Sunday.  It was my mom's when I was a little girl, and she gave it to me.  It hated me.  I didn't know machines had feelings, but this sewing machine hated me and the feeling was mutual.  After laying my head down on the kitchen table and crying because I couldn't get the damn thing to work, I decided to go buy a new one.  We have one store here in Hereford.  You may have heard of it?  Walmart, and I hate it almost as much as that old sewing machine.  I had to buy a pretty cheap machine, but hopefully it will tide me over until I can get the really nice, and really expensive one I want.

Then, I spent all day sewing while Barb Wire Man kept the kids.  I want to thank him for helping me out like that, but honestly, he knew he had to help me.  He had no choice.  I refer you back to the tattoo story.  It was in his best interest to make sure I got my things done.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend as well!  Thanks for reading my nonsense today!  And don't worry!  As promised I will have photos of the scarf up tomorrow!!!

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