Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winning Wednesday

Today is Winning Wednesday!!  Unfortunately, I am still looking for people who are interested in participating in a giveaway, and have nothing this morning!

So, I am reaching out to you for some help!

Now I know there are a lot of people out there who make things themselves and sell them.  I am a huge proponent of buying handmade, and I especially want to promote Mamas who make and sell their own goods.  Who do you know who would be interested in helping with a giveaway?

"So what is in it for me if I participate?" you ask.  SO glad you asked!  Here are the simple steps to be featured on my blog:

1. I do ask that you be a follower of this Blog.

2. I ask that you send me whatever it is you are wanting to donate.  Actually seeing the product will help me describe it, take pictures, etc.  I will never keep the item for myself, and I do not ask for two as some bloggers do.  (There is one exception to this, see number 4!)  I will always contact the winner for their shipping information, and ship it to them.  Likewise, I will let you  know who won the item.

3. I will feature you in a post!  Tell me about your business, what you sell, etc., and I will let people know about you.  I will also include links to your shop, and encourage people to visit you!  Not only will you be feature on my blog, but I will also promote the blog post and your shop on my personal and business Facebook, Etsy Forums, and Hyena Cart Forums.  I don't have the largest following on Blogspot, but have over 300 people who see my Facebook!

4.  If, in fact, you do want to send two of a product, I will also include a "sponsorship" ad on the side of my blog.  It will include your logo, which will be linked to your site.  Item value needs to be no less than $10.

It is just that easy.  I am asking for your help in either participating in the giveaway, and/or telling everyone you know who might be interested in doing so.  Please, either leave a comment on my blog, or, contact me at  I look so forward to "meeting" and helping promote your business!  Thank you everyone!

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