Thursday, October 28, 2010

Top 10 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store on Thrifty Thursday

I realized yesterday there are some simple ways to save money on groceries.  Some are funny, some are serious, but maybe you will get a few giggles!

10.  Never go to the store hungry.

9.  Always make a list, and stick to the list.

8.  Using a coupon for something you would never buy is NOT saving money. 

7.  Never take your children to the grocery store with you.  They tend to stick things in the cart when you aren't looking,

6.  Don't buy processed foods, that come with noodles and a sauce mix.  Its cheaper and just as easy to make them on your own, and typically have less sodium and are healthier. 

5.  Stop eating.  (OK, maybe not so much.)

4.  DO use coupons if it is something you would normally buy, even if it is a different brand.  First, check to see if your usual brand is cheaper without the coupon than the other brand is with the coupon.

3.  Keep your mind on the goal.  If you go grocery shopping, do not let the magnetic pull of the craft section pull your basket.  Seriously.  I need to mind my own advice on this one.

2.  Use circulars, but plan well.  If you have to drive all over hell and back to get good deals you are probably going to spend more on gas than you save on the groceries.

And the number one way to save money on groceries......

NEVER EVER EVER LET YOUR HUSBAND GO TO THE GROCERY STORE BY HIMSELF.  He will realize what you are "forgetting" to bring home.  I sent BarbWire man to the grocery store for milk the other day.  I give him credit for remembering the milk.  And the spray cheese, crackers, gallon of Neapolitan ice cream, box of cookies, toilet paper (running out is a huge fear of his),  and cokes.


  1. I'm not married and don't have kids, but never go to the store hungry is a great mantra. ;-)

  2. haha! One of my ideas was going to be "Stay single and never reproduce!" Kids eat alot!


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