Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Tea Time - scarf weather!

Time for my hot tea!  My favorite time of day is nap time, when I can brew a cup of hot tea, and write, knit, sew, or clean.  Rarely do I choose clean. 

Rarely do I toot my own horn, either, but today I think I will!  Really, I just think the new things I have made are so cool I want to show them off! 

My friend saw some of these, and after she gave me the idea I just took off running with it.  T-shirt scarves.  I know, it doesn't really sound cute, but trust me, it is!

Before I post pics, I will explain some about these scarves.  There are several things that are great about them!  Most of my clothes I donate to thrift stores that help organizations, like women's center's, etc., but some aren't in the right condition.  I try to only donate things I would wear myself.  So, there may be one or two small stains on something, but I hate...let me stress that again.  I HATE throwing anything away, especially if it can be used for something...anything!  Enter, T-shirt scarves.  Each scarf is made from t-shirts cut into strips, then sewn together.  T-shirts with prints on them make especially cute scarves.  Have a favorite sports team and you have just worn the heck out of the shirt?  They make SUPER cute scarves, and are perfect for wearing to football games!  A lot of my friends are gladly going through their closest and giving me shirts that are no longer wearable, so I have been making scarves right and left.  On a good day, I can do several.  Of course, I haven't had many of those good craft days lately, so I am running a little behind, but hope to get caught up this afternoon. 

I couldn't find a model, so excuse my un-made-up mug and incredibly unprofessional look, but take a look at these!  Its hard to get a 3 year old to take good pictures, but I can't say my self photos are any better!

I have not posted these to my webpage (http://hyenacart.com/13plumknittedcreations) just yet, so you are getting a sneak peak!  If ordered from my website, these scarves will be $25. No two will ever be alike, and there will never be another just like it.  One of a kind!

I bet you have some old t-shirts at your house.  If you have some t-shirts you want turned into a scarf, the price will only be $12.50.  Feel free to contact me if you want one of these scarves made specifically for you.  All I need you to do is send 3-4 shirts per scarf you want made.  I will take it from there, and I will mail the finished product back to you within a week of receiving the shirts. 

Of course, if you see one you like already, I can save that one for you, too!

Tomorrow is winning Wednesday!  I am still looking for people who want me to giveaway something from their shop!  I will do a nice write up about you in trade, and make sure it is well advertised.  If you want to be apart of Winning Wednesday, please let me know!  You can contact me at 13plumknittedcreations@gmail.com.


  1. Oh my, that scarf is pretty. Never thought about using t-shirts though

  2. Neat idea! I searched for upcycled t-shirt items for a blog entry last month, but didn't see any scarves.

  3. do you have pics of more of the scarves?

  4. At the moment, no, I don't. However, I should have someone here tomorrow to help with kids and picture taking. Will let you know as soon as They are up. I will also have two more ready tomorrow!


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