Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tea-time Tuesday

Tuesdays are just my randomness day, and all my kiddos were SO AWESOME this morning that I was able to write early!  (YES!!!  I get to spend naptime transforming my closet into a sewing nook!)

People who know me well know I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.  Sometimes, it gets me in trouble.  Sometimes it makes people laugh.  Sometimes, it does both.  So today I am going to fill you in on some things I learned yesterday, some things that made me laugh, and some things I realized.  Here are just a few:

I just followed a new blog, http://christiescottage.blogspot.com/.  She has a giveaway, and I SOOO need what she has!  A knitting shirt!  People don't look at me strangely enough when I tell them I knit.  I need to advertise better!  So, I need you to GO NOW and Follow this Blog, because if YOU win this shirt, I want it!!

Somedays, I need to just keep my mom on the phone and not hang up.  Had I called her everytime I had a question for her yesterday, her phone would have rung no less than 50 times.  And that was just while I was at the craft store.

I don't always know everything.  About the time I made a wise-crack about Brett Farve ruining the Vikings, he threw his 500th TD pass.  OK, so maybe he doesn't need to be put out of our misery.  Still, I am usually right about 98% of the time.

I am happy that President Obama signed some stuff about space exploration.  I nominate him, Pelosi and Biden to do said exploring.

My husband makes me laugh.  In no way would anyone confuse him for being romantic, but he writes, on average, 4 songs a day about me.  They all make me laugh til I almost wet my pants.

Uptopia is a spotless house with no kids, no husband, two knitting needles, a ball of yarn, a cup of hot tea, and my playlist.

The Lord has blessed me beyond all belief.  I don't have a fancy house, brand new car, or money in the bank.  But I don't deserve the house I have, the car I have, or the little bit of money I do have. 

My son is just like my husband.  Heaven help us.

My daughter is just like me.  Be forwarned, world.

I caught a frog yesterday.  In my kitchen.  I picked it up and when it peed on my shirt, I squealed like a little girl. 

When you walk around the house in your bra because a frog peed on your shirt, expect your husband to make comments.

No one will ever figure me out.  I can go from being the perfect, 1950's domestic godess to a leather wearing, body-pierced, Harley riding Ol' lady in 10 minutes.

It is true what they say about rain in the Texas Panhandle.  Yesterday I drove down a dirt road after it rained.  Only my front tires got muddy.  The back ones were dusty.

I secretly want to be Amish because they shun modernity, and Jewish, because to truly understand what Christ has done for us, we have to understand the world before Christ.  

I cannot figure out how my house can be spotless when my family is asleep, and just the mere act of telling the family its time to wake up sends my house into a state of disaster.

I think I have been blacklisted by the Jehovah's Witnesses, and that makes me sad.  I always loved when they came to my door.

There is nothing I hate more than a person who says they will do something, then don't.

I ate chocolate pudding for breakfast.  I hid in the laundry room so my kids wouldn't see.
This just just a fraction of the things I realized yesterday.  My head spins everyday! 

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