Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday!!

Last weekend I was sitting in a parking lot, waiting to pick my daughter up after a visit to her dad and step-mom's house.  We always meet in this little, and I mean little, Texas town called Umbarger.  We meet at the town restaurant.  And yes, it is the only restaurant.  In fact, to the best of my knowledge, there is one restaurant, a post office (no post master, either, just postal boxes), a hair salon, one church (the Catholic church, which is quite beautiful and has a very interesting history), and a liquor store.  And not to be left out, a volunteer fire department.  It is right off the highway.  Regardless of the time we meet, my daughter's step mom and I have to stand and wait to talk, our conversation interrupted by a train.

As we were waiting, I looked up at the flags flying at the restaurant.  I didn't bring my camera - all I had was the camera on my Droid, and one cool app called "Retro Camera".

Now don't get me wrong here....I love living in the United States, and consider myself blessed to have been born here. 

But, my friends, I am a Texan.

I have lived all but 2 months of my 28 years in Texas.  I have no desire to live anywhere else.  Texas is so varied, in landscape, people, weather, everything.  The panhandle of Texas is not everyone's idea of beauty, but it is mine.  Mile after mile after endless mile of grassy plains.  It is no joke that you can stand on a Texas prairie and see for miles on end, because we have no trees.  Very few, anyhow.  And it isn't often that a hill will obstruct your view, either. 

It is usually pretty dry here, but when we do have a thunderstorm....hang onto your hats!  Lightning to rival the most expensive fireworks show.  Hail, and one of my favorite things, tornadoes.  Yes, I love them!  I hear the tornado sirens and first thing I do is grab a beer, and go stand outside and watch.  I have always been that way.  Two winters ago I saw the strangest weather I had ever seen in Texas.  We it started lightning, hailing, thundering, pouring rain and an hour later....blizzard.  Over a foot of snow.

I am going to assume here that you have heard or have some knowledge of Texas history.  I think part of the reason I love this state so much is because of how deep my roots run here.  My family has been in Texas longer than most families can trace their roots back.  My family has been in Texas longer than my husband's family has been in America!  The women in my family are in the process of becoming daughter's of the Republic of Texas, which means that our families were here before Texas was a republic.  They were here when Texas was still governed by Mexico.

On my daddy's side of the family, I am a 7th generation Texan.  On my momma's side of the family, a 9th.  I think that is pretty fantastic.  Not just anyone can claim that!  If my husband ever has the audacity to take me out of Texas, I will be coming back to ensure my children are all born here. 

I will end, now.  Thank you for allowing me to share a passion with you.  God Bless Texas!


  1. you've got me wanting to know now how far back my Texan roots go!

    i caught on to your statement that alluded to the possibility of more children. !?! :-D How many more would you be willing to have?

  2. Did you do a family tree yourself? If so, how'd you go about starting your research?

  3. My texan roots are shallow. My dad and stepmom lived there when I was growing up and I visited and even lived there a little while. But even they aren't native. Nontheless, I know of the Texas Patriotism of which you speak. It is something I've always been a little envious of. We don't have that in Oregon.

  4. April, I did not do the research myself, honestly. On my dad's side, it is something we always knew. They have always kept close tabs on family history. One of my great grandfathers (I believe 4-greats) was actually one of the first Texas Rangers, before they were even called the Rangers! As far as more children, I would LOVE to have at least 4. Mike is adamantly opposed to any more, but I am still working on him!

    Birds, I always tell people its just a state of mind! I think Texas is probably the only state, aside from New York, where people are so devoutly devoted!


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