Friday, October 8, 2010

Up-coming changes!

What a beautiful fall day it is in the Texas Panhandle.  Just a slight breeze (which, in the Texas Panhandle us anything under 15 mph!), sun-shiny, and just 75 degrees.  On days like this, I could sit outside all day long.

Today, I officially took everything down off my Etsy site.  Frankly, it sucked.  I have moved everything to  It looks so much more professional, much cleaner and streamlined, and alot less expensive in the long run. 

I am also actively looking for help in making this little blog look a little more professional too!  If you, or anyone you know knows a little about html, I would gladly trade blog advertising or products I make for a little help! 

Now, some sneak peaks as to what will be coming up in future posts! 

Mondays will be "Memory Mondays"!  I like to look back on my life and reflect a little.  Its always good to remember where you came from!  I would love hear your memories as well!

Tuesdays will be my "Tea-time Tuesdays.  Basically, this will just be my chance to rant, rave, gloat, gossip...basically write about whatever the heck I feel like!

I have a feeling the day that will be the most fun will be our Winning Wednesdays!  I am actively on the search for people who would like for me to do reviews on their homemade/handmade/handwritten/whatever you made yourself product.  I know there are LOTS of people out there with hidden talents that just want to get their names out.  So, if you, or any friends, are interested, let me know!  All I ask is to send two of whatever you want me to review. I will keep one to test, the other will be given away to a lucky reader!

Thrifty Thursdays will be one of my favorites.  I know, there are like, a gazillion blogs out there that give money saving hints.  I have some, some that I have compiled, and would like to put a few out there for you to consider!  I am a SAHM.  Yes, I do have a daycare.  My husband works incredibly hard for our family, but his paycheck is always unpredictable.  (When a truck driver gets paid, they rarely get a salary.  Typically, they are paid a percentage of the load cost, meaning, when he hauls alot of loads, he gets paid great!  However, if he doesn't have many loads, well, paycheck isn't very big either.)  Its feast or famine around here, folks, so I have learned to make a dollar go a l-o-n-g way.  Many of these ideas are also SUPER earth friendly!

Friday.  Hmm. about you guys give me some ideas for Fridays!? 


  1. Fridays? hmmm, they could be Fantastic Friend Fridays where you highlight one person in your life each week to write a short bio on, list their accomplishments, but most importantly write about how they have affected your life and inspired you. I know that I still have saved in my inbox special emails friends have written to say exactly why my friendship means so much to them. Often we don't put words to what we feel.

    Of perhaps they can be Fun Fridays where you post links to other giveaways online (I recently posted on my facebook a link to a free audio book of the month download from a Christian website). These Fun Fridays could also pose a simple, wacky question for discussion or a quiz, riddle, or game.

    Such are my suggestions. Again, I absolutely love reading your blog. Keep on writing!

  2. Hello fellow SAHM! Thanks for checking out my blog and following!

    Have a blessed day and stay in touch!

  3. Checked out your new online store, and I have to agree it does look more professional than Etsy.

  4. April thank you for those encouraging words. It means so much....truly! You And only you probably understand how much They mean!!
    And charit, I look forward to getting to "know" you!


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