Monday, October 18, 2010

Memory Monday

I was awakened this morning, at 3:45, to a little girl tapping on my arm whispering "Mommy?  Mommy?  My throat hurts, mommy."  I had a flashback to when I was a 7 year old little girl.

I stumbled out of bed, transforming from sleeping beauty to Dr. Mommy.  "Open up wide and say 'ahhhh'."  I could barely see into her throat because the light was so bright I could hardley open my eyes.  "Looks like you have strep throat."  I gave her some left-over amoxicillan left over from her last month's bout with strep, sprayed some throat spray into her mouth, gave her a drink, then gave her the good news.  "Now, go back to bed and get some rest.  No school for you tomorrow."

I remember being sick as a little girl.  I needed mommy, but didn't really want to wake her up.  So I whispered, because maybe mommy would understand I didn't want to have to wake her up.  I think she did. 

I never liked being sick, but sure did enjoy missing school!  Mattie was quite happy that she got to stay home, but is so miserable she isn't enjoying it! 

keep hearing "MOMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY"  coming from her bedroom.  "Yes, babe, what do you need?"  "Ummm, a drink."  Now, she is starting to call me in there for silly things.  "Mommy?"  "Yes, Mattie."  "Umm, I need to go to the bathroom."  "Mattie, if you seriously need me, holler.  If you just need to go potty, then GO!" 


I hate when my kids are sick, but am so happy that I am the one that hears those little whispers in the early mornings.  I hate that they do not feel well, but love that I am the one who gets to cuddle and make them feel good.  Nothing can make you feel better like a mommy's hug, and am so blessed that I get to do that for my kids. 

Tomorrow, I will get to remember what its like to catch up on homework!


  1. It's never fun being sick! I would never stay home unless I was throwing up. My parents would beg me (in high school) to stay home and rest when I had a bad cough or headache or something but I was too paranoid that I was going to miss something HILARIOUS or FABULOUS that day at school :).

  2. you are such a good mom! :-) "good mom" may seem like one in the same, but I've known enough bad moms to realize that good moms can't be taken for granted. May God continue bless you and your little family, my friend.

  3. You will notice I didn't write about the match of wits I got into with Mattie last night!

  4. Motherhood is so wonderful. Lol! Nice blog!

    Thanks for following! Following back!

    ~Be beautiful, inspired, and blessed!


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