Friday, July 20, 2012

Texas Etsy Finds of the Day!

Everyone and their brother knows by now that I love Texas.  I set out in Etsy the other day to find shops that are right here in Texas.  And there are lots.

Quilting Frenzy - Converse, Texas
I love quilts.  I hate quilting.  Really, I hate sewing.  My Granny tried to teach me to quilt, and I completely understand the how's and why's.  But I can't make my edges line up!
Credit: Quilting Frenzy 
Quilting Frenzy has 5 pages worth of beautiful quilting on Etsy.  This yellow and blue quilt is my favorite.  That color scheme is one of my all-time favorites.  I had a hard time trying to decide between showing this lap quilt, or a white on white pillowcase Quilting Frenzy has.  White on white is another of my most favorite looks!  This month, you can get 10% off any item at Quilting Frenzy by using the coupon code "CIJFRENZY10" when you check out!

The Yellow Roses - Corpus Christi, Texas 
The quickest way to my heart is to remind me of either of my grandmothers.  Just like quilts remind me of my Granny, these remind me of my Grandma.
Credit: The Yellow Roses 

In fact, these remind just about anyone who knew her of my Grandma!  I still have the one she made me 30 uhh, 29 years ago!  In fact, the more I look around at The Yellow Roses, I wondering if she might have known my Grandma!  Anyhow....every little girl in the world needs and Raggedy Ann.  Flower has the one I played with.  There are some adorable little wallets at The Yellow Roses, too!  During the month of July, The Yellow Roses is offering free shipping!

Corky Crafts - Fort Worth, Texas 
Everything at Corky Crafts is made from wine corks...I know a few people who could help Corky Crafts out with supplies.  They shall remain nameless here, but they know who they are!
Credit: Corky Crafts
This topiary from Corky Crafts would look super cute on my mom's patio.  That where we spend most of our time drinking win....uhhh, tea.  Corky Crafts also has some neat little cork tags.  They would look so neat hanging as a fan pull, or as a wine bottle decoration!  (There are also some neat little Christmas Ornaments at Corky Crafts, too!)  If you are in the Dallas area, you can even schedule to pick up your order, rather than paying extra for shipping!

Forever Grace 2 - Amarillo, Texas
My last shop for today, Forever Grace 2, is located a whole 45 minutes from my house!  All I did was search "lace", and this beautiful lace romper popped up!
Credit: Forever Grace 2

This romper is simply gorgeous. How I wish Flower was little enough to wear something like this.  Even if it came in her size, her style is, well, far from mine.   Still, though, I think the "Daddy's Girl" Dress on her shop is the neatest idea ever.  You will have to stop in at Forever Grace 2 and take a look!

So, those are my awesome Texas shops for today.  I have several more lined up that I'm excited to share with you, too!  Please check these shops out.  Remember....the people who own these shops (I'm including myself and 13 Plum Creations here!) really depend on traffic and purchases.  The money goes straight to helping families, which goes straight to helping our economy.  So really.  Go now.  Visit these shops!

Be blessed!


  1. Christy Cox MaytonJuly 20, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    Oh my gosh... that Raggedy Anne Doll is beautiful! I had one just like her when I was little... talk about nostalgia... lol.

    1. I still love mine, and am praying my daughter keeps it nice enough that she can give it to her daughters

  2. My momma made me a Holly Hobbie blanket well my Grandmomma thought it was very large for a newborn so she made a matching lil'er one.
    So 31 years later I was picking at a yardsale, and low and behold what did I find a tattered old well loved quilt that I knew the owner of with Holly Hobbie all over so now I am a collecter of quits I am only up to 3 2 of which are REAL quilts.... So I know my one I want made & have wanted for years would have a Texas Flag or burnt orange \m/...

    1. One of my most prized possessions is the embroidered quilt my grandmother made me as a wedding gift. No one but me is allowed to touch it!

  3. P.S. I had a Raggety Ann Doll to & every Halloween
    Raggetty Ann & Andy's The Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile.

  4. Beautiful blog! Thank you so much for featuring my shop! We happily accept any and all wine corks! :)

    1. You are very welcome, and thank you, too!

  5. Great blog! We have some very talented Texas Crafters, thanks for featuring my shop. I not only create items for my shop but I make custom quilts also.

  6. Texas is full of many greats!

  7. So you said I'd remain nameless, then you gave me away. :-)
    Cute stuff!!! Great job!


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