Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day

I held off writing anything about Independence Day yesterday so that I could write about my parents.  It was their 31st wedding anniversary!  But, today, I have a full recap!

We had a wonderful family day, minus Flower (she is still visiting her dad and stepmom).  Barb Wire Man and I were woken up early by Little Man, which is nothing uncommon.  That boy can't sleep past 7:30!  We got ready and drove to Amarillo to meet up with Barb Wire Man's parents.  We ate a late breakfast/early lunch with them as they passed through town to go visit Barb Wire Man's brother down by Dallas.  Little Man was quite upset by the fact that he couldn't go with them.  
He does something like this in EVERY picture!  One day, he will take a normal picture with me.  Until then, I will continue to post the silly pictures!

Barb Wire Man was disappointed to see that all the cigar shops were closed for the holiday, so we went an spent some time at my parents' house, followed by a little shopping!  We went to Giant Book Store With Coffee Shop Inside.  Barb Wire Man got some cigar magazines (yes, our lives seem to be dominated by cigar smoking at the moment), Little Man got a couple Thomas the Tank Engine books, and I got a book that only I would enjoy....Swimming in the Sea of Talmud.  I'm not too far into it, but the basic gist is an everyday, understandable, English version of the Talmud.  See?  Like I said....only I would find that interesting.  (I'm also delving into the world of learning to read Hebrew.  But that's another post for another day!)
Daddy helping Little Man light smoke bombs.

We stopped and got Little Man a few firecrackers.  Technically we are not allowed to pop firecrackers in town.  Technically, if the don't pop, they aren't considered fireworks...right?  Technically, if you are in the backyard, are making no popping noises, and shooting nothing into the air, you should be good to go...right?

Well, we thought so.

Little Man and Barb Wire Man blew through 16 packages of smoke bombs and 60 sparklers, plus two fountains.  Last year, Little Man was scared to death of the sparklers, but this year, he was pretty brave.  

So brave in fact that when we lit the smoke bombs, we had to force him to throw them!  It was a great evening, and we were exhausted by bed time.
He looks meaner than he is!

I hope your family had a wonderful Independence Day as well! 

Be blessed!

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