Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Friday...Oh...Nevermind.

Nothing is more annoying than waking in the morning, and being so excited that it is Friday...only to realize it is only Thursday!  That would be me today.

Now that I don't have kids here every single day, I don't pay too close attention to what day it is.  My days just run together.  As a result, I completely forgot about writing up my posts yesterday evening like I usually do.  Instead, I sat outside with my kids and watched them play.  And I enjoyed every second of it!  It makes my heart so happy to see them out riding their bikes, totally carefree.  I love when Flower rides her bike up to me, says "Hey Mom I love you!" then turns around and keeps on riding.  I love how Little Man refuses to use the pedals on his bike, even though he knows how, because he can go much faster by Fred Flinstoning it down the sidewalk.  Once the sun had gone down a bit and it cooled off, Barb Wire Man came out to join us and smoked a cigar.  We stayed out until it was just dark, and soaked up everything the day had to offer.

As a result, I have to spend a lot of time today writing!  Oh was worth it!

Tomorrow, I am going to do another Etsy showcase of some neat shops I have found and like.  Only tomorrow, it will be shops that are from here in Texas!  (Because really, the only thing better than buying hand-/homemade is  buying local!)  There will be some really neat things, so stay tuned!

Be blessed today!


  1. LOL I have been confused on days before too. People will say "You really don't know what day it is???" I smile and tell them, I know what day it is... the day before tomorrow! Which of course they roll their eyes and are finished talking to me! LOL

    Glad you enjoyed your outdoor time. There is something about sitting on the porch and just breathing that does wonders for a person


  2. Oh dear....I haven't set mine up yet! I totally agree....nothing like supporting local business!!! Thank You!!!


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