Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July, Part 1

Sunday night, I was sitting in my chair, knitting, when I saw a commercial advertising for Christmas.  I nearly fell out of my chair.  Normally, I am the type of person who starts shopping for Christmas in January, but this year, I haven't done anything.  Nothing.  That means I am 6 months behind on buying Christmas presents for people!!!

Looks like I will be spending some time on Etsy to get caught up.  Which is really fine by me.  I like to sell on Etsy, and I really like to buy on Etsy!  I decided that through the month of July, I will share with you some of the neat things I find in my searching.  Remember as you look at these awesome things that many people really depend on the money they make from selling on Etsy.  So, if you see something you like, be sure to stop in their shop and do some looking around!

I collect Santa Claus's.  It doesn't matter what style they are, either.  I have some el cheapo Santas I got from the dollar store, some that were painted, and some that are, well, a little pricey.  I collect them because my sweet grandparents played Santa and Mrs. Claus until they passed away, and it brings back such wonderful  memories.
Photo Credit: FatherChristmasJoy
I found this Santa in the shop of FatherChristmasJoy.  According to the profile, all of these Santas are made by a mother/daughter team in Canada.  Each Santa they have in their shop is just beautiful, but this happened to be my favorite. I also found it by searching "Christmas in July Sale".  Sales happen to be another favorite of mine!  Each of FatherChristmasJoy's Santas are on sale during the month of July.

Photo Credit: BrynnNichole

I love this tree skirt.  Love, love, love this tree skirt.  It would look lovely under my tree.  The more I think about it, the more I think I may just have to get it for myself.  Each time I look at this tree skirt, I love it even more.....OK.  Back on topic.  I found this gorgeous tree skirt at BrynnNichole.  (It is on Christmas in July Sale, too.  Sign from God that I need it?  I think so.)  BrynnNichole has a little bit of everything, including teething necklaces, home decor, and I even found a tea set I might not be able to live without.  (Perhaps my decision to start shopping was unwise...)

Photo Credit: Gumdrop Grove 

This has to be one of the most adorable things I've seen, and another thing that makes me wish my kids were little again!  This little longall comes from Gumdrop Grove.  I really had a hard time deciding which outfit I was going to include, because everything is so cute!  Gumdrop Grove has little girl's dresses as well.  Everything in her shop is classic.  These are the type of outfits a person could buy for their children, and they will still be in style when their children have children.  I might have to have another baby, just so I can order some of these outfits!

I hope you have enjoyed some of my neat finds on Etsy!  If you are have great Christmas items, or, you are having a Christmas in July sale, be sure to leave me a comment with a link to your shop.  I might include you on the next Christmas in July post!  Also be sure to check out my sponsorship page.  Now is a great time to get some advertising spots before the Christmas rush!

Be blessed!

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  1. That Santa is amazing!! Thanks again for featuring my tree skirt! Each one takes 6 yards of fabric and 5 hours to make. I love Christmas so much and one of my favorite things to do is craft while watching super cheesy Christmas movies! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing the Christmas spirit!


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