Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baking and....science!?

The weather info on my phone said it was 0 degrees this morning when I awoke.  I believe it!  Cold days are always the best days for baking because the oven helps heat the house.  And if you start baking, then you might as well bake all day, instead of wasting the energy it takes to heat the oven for just a dozen cookies!

So yeah.  My kitchen cabinets are covered with baked goods cooling.  Its 12:20 here, and I have out on my counter 7 loaves of bread, make from scratch this morning, along with 3 dozen cookies.  I also baked the boys some frozen corn dogs for lunch.

The bread I made was a tried and true Amish recipe that makes a ton of bread.  You can get my recipe here. I make 7 small loaves, because I can wrap them and freeze them, and they store easier.

The cookies, however, were quite an experiment.  They aren't bad.....but, they aren't great, either.  I don't think I would ever serve them to guests, but the boys seem to like them!

I had 10 (yes, ten) boxes of cake mix.  Here awhile back they were on sell for $1, so I couldn't pass it up.  I figured there would be a couple of times when I needed to whip up a cake pretty fast.  Well, I was wrong.  They are getting close to the expiration date, so I searched for my Cake Mix Cookie recipe.

The first was a German chocolate cake mix.  I looked in my pantry and found a half used bag of chocolate chips.  Hmmm......chocolate chocolate chip cookies!   They were actually pretty tasty!  I know Flower will like them.

The second ones are the questionable ones.  I know without a doubt that Barb Wire Man won't touch them.  I ate one, but am not sure if I will have another.  They aren't nasty, but they aren't pretty!  I need Flower to taste one.  If she doesn't like them, then they must be gross.  She eats anything.  Strawberry Banana Cookies.  Strawberry cake mix, with bananas.  (I had some bananas I didn't want to go to waste, either!)

It was an experiment.  I was trying to put food to good use,  so if it bombs, oh well.  Had I not used the cake mixes up, they would have gotten thrown away anyhow!  At least I tried!

I think I may be finished baking for the day, though.  I'm still working like crazy to build an inventory for the upcoming craft shows, and I really must get pictures back up on my websites.  Can't sell from an empty cart, as they say.

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