Friday, January 28, 2011

The Importance of Picking Up the Phone

Have you ever had days where you constantly think about one person?  You know you need to call them, but put it off until the thoughts are gone?  I do things like this all the time, but this time, was on the receiving end.

For a little history, I have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed the last few days weeks.  I have my everyday stresses, which include dealing with three boys and one little girl, all 2 and under, along with my oldest.  Cleaning house, diaper changes, cooking supper, and all the mounds of laundry that go with it keep me busy alone.  But now, I am also working on taxes (UGH!), and not just our personal taxes, either.  Throw in the daycare, trucking, and the knitting, and we are talking mounds of receipts that have to be totaled.  (Who would have thought we spent that much on groceries in ONE YEAR!?!)  I am also working on selling 2,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, and knitting in all my spare time to get ready for upcoming craft shows.  Then there are all the mental stresses; finances, staying organized mentally, taking care of myself (HAHA!), etc.

Now for the story.

Yesterday, we sold cookies to an older gentleman down the street.  He has always been incredibly the point that you almost want to hide when you see him because he won't stop talking.  But, he called me this morning.  He just wanted to compliment Flower on how polite and professional she was, how proud he was that she had so many patches on her uniform, and to remind her that if she puts her mind to something, she will accomplish it.  He went on to tell me that he was grateful for moms who put their lives on hold for their children.  He thanked me for not only being an example to my daughter, but to every little girl I come in contact with.  He reminded me that staying at home caring for children, juggling the house, husband and kids, and not getting a shower every day was no less important than a congresswoman, business woman, or doctor.  He acknowledged that no man could ever pull off what one woman does in a single day.  He asked me to never think for a moment that I did not have an impact on this thing we call life.

The call was cut short as soon as Little Man attempted to use the kitchen drawers as a ladder to the cookies and fell, hitting his head on the refrigerator.

I am so appreciative that he took 30 minutes of his day just to encourage and thank me.  It mean a lot, and it meant even more coming from a man!  He is so right, though.  There are little girls everywhere whose role models consist of half-dressed women who get up on a stage and dance and "sing".  Women who flaunt their sexuality to obtain something, and women who bring home a new man each night.

All women, regardless of whether they have daughters or not, are an example to every little girl they come in contact with.  My mom and all of my grandmothers were extreme role models for me.  I can name at least three of my mom's friends who were wonderful examples for me, and one had only boys. Women I never actually new, but enjoyed studying and reading about were examples for me.

What kind of role model are you?  I know I, for one, want to be the model of grace, inside beauty, love, and determination.  I want my girl to know that if she wants to be the president of the United States, she can.  If she wants to be a doctor, she can.  If she wants to play on the floor with her kids all day, she can!  I also want her to know that she will have set-backs, but that it will be OK, to just keep trying.  I do not ever....ever... want her to think that she isn't pretty enough, or that it even matters.  I don't want her to think that her self-worth lies in whether or not a man loves or finds her attractive, and I certainly don't want her to search for that love in every little boy that says he "loves" her.

Just something to ponder today.  What are your opinions on this?

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