Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

My boys are all asleep, I can smell supper cooking on the stove, and my day has been going just peachy!  Love days like this!

I am SUPER excited because I found a shop on Etsy shop, called TagsandLabels, from where I can order sew-on labels with my business name!  I am super excited!  I can just sew these on to my scarves and what not, and make them look even more professional!  I cannot wait to get them in so I can start sewing!

I also just added several new coaster sets to my Etsy shop.  Because I have an ungodly amount of these things stacking up in my house, I am going to do 20% off on them until Friday!  You heard it here first, folks!  Here is a sample, but check them all out at my shop: 13 Plum Knitting

I guess I better go stir that stew, before we end up having to eat at McDonald's for supper.  ICK!

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