Friday, January 21, 2011

My Baby is Growing Up Too Fast!

Someone better get me a brick.

When I was little, my daddy would always tell me he was going to put a brick on my head to keep me from getting big.  Now I am the one wanting to put bricks on my baby's head!

The Little Man turns 2 today.

Hardly seems possible!  I thought today I would share a little bit of Little Man with you!

The date is wrong, but I was about 6 months here.
Proud sissy!

Very first picture!

his feet were, and still are, enormous

Think you got a big enough cup!?

This was his audition picture for baby chipendales.

"If only I could reach the pedals, I could ride into the sunset......"

That Grandpa is silly!

This is what happens when you don't obey mommy and continue jumping on the couch......

One of these days, I'll be big enough to ride!  

Daddy can't drive this big ol' truck by himself!

This day was hilarious!

Contrary to Nan and Grandma opinions, he is not an angel.

Sissy is his favorite person!

I'm ready to go, mom.

Stylin' and profilin'

I'm the boy your momma warned you about.....

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