Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is it Friday yet!?

What a busy and productive week this has been!  I love weeks like this, but it feels like it should be the weekend already!!  Today, I want to share a few of the things  I have made in the last few days!

set of four coasters

One of the gazillion preemie hats

infant cap for girls

Infant cap for boys

My favorite!  A little girl's gnome cap with flowers!

I also got 5 t-shirt scarves finished, but for some reason I can't get those pictures to load properly onto the blog!  It keeps rotating them upside down!  Who knows!  As always, you can see what else I have up for sale at my shop, 13 Plum Knitted Creations.

I wanted to share my new favorite picture of my family, too!  It was taken at Christmas and my parents' house.  I love it, because we are all smiling.  My husband isn't flipping the camera off, or trying to hide his face.  Flower isn't making a funny face or sticking her tongue out, and Little man isn't picking his nose.

Oh yes.  And an update on those strawberry banana cookies.  Flower just raved about how wonderful they were!  She acted like they were the best cookies they ever had!  But, I noticed they were staying in the plastic container I put them in.  She never even asked for one, and she is a bottomless pit!  So, last night, she was talking with her best friend, who is planning on coming to our house after school for a play day today.  Her back was to me, and I over heard her say, "My mom even made a ton of cookies....but if she offers you one of those pink things, don't take it.  Or take it and give it to my dog.  They are really gross, but I told her they were good.  Just don't tell her!"  Then, she turned around and realized I had heard everything!  The look on her face was priceless.  I thought I was going to laugh until I quit breathing.  I knew the whole time she didn't like them!  She apologized to me later for lying, but was just so afraid of hurting my feelings.  Was a great lesson, two ways!  One, you never know who is going to hear you say something, so choose your words carefully!  And, even moms make mistakes sometimes.  I mean, I rarely make mistakes, but when I do, they are usually whoppers!

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