Friday, January 7, 2011

Its Friday!

I have survived the first week of  2011.  Barely, I might add.  Once again, my family is sick!  When will it ever end!?  Coughing and sore throats this time, which I am sure is in large part to the fact that only God knows when we got out last rain.  The best part of the week happened last night, about 15 minutes before my husband walked in the door.  Had it happened earlier, I could have had time to get someone to help me out, that way when I told him the bad news, I could follow it up with "but I took care of it."  Had it happened after he got home, he would have seen that I really had nothing to do with it.  I had no time to clean it up.

I walked into my laundry room, where my pantry is located, to get some flour out for our pancakes.  I shut the pantry door, then shut the laundry room door behind me, like I have done a million times since living in this house.  I took a step, then BOOM!  CRASH!  I just stopped and closed my eyes.  There was no way this was going to be pleasant to look at.  I opened the door, and there it was.  The two-door cabinet hanging above my dryer was now precariously balanced on my washer and dryer.  Flour, which I stored in that cabinet, along with laundry soap, bleach, and all other kind of crap was all over the floor.  Except the flour did not stay in its bags.  Oh no.  ALL over the floor.

Needless to say, Barb Wire Man wasn't please, and immediately said "What did you do?"  But, he carried it out into the dining room, where it still sits.  Apparently the brilliant builders of this home hung that whole cabinet with only two small nails.  Really?  I am not a builder in the least, and I would have put more nails in it....probably used screws, too.  Oh well.

Sometimes you are the bird, and sometimes you are the worm.

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