Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday?! Its Friday!?

Dear Lord in Heaven, thank you!  I don't know why, but this week has just left me sitting here feeling a little lost.  The transmission on Barb Wire Man's truck went kapoot.  He took it to his friend's shop out of town, and the kids and I went to pick him up at another friend's shop.

It was really great getting to visit with them, because the kids and I hadn't gotten to see them in a long time.  Barb Wire Man sees them more than me, because they ride Harley's together.  BUT SINCE MY HUSBAND DOESN'T EVER TAKE ME ANYMORE.......I don't get to see them as much.  (I hope he reads this!)  The kids love them, and they are the greatest guys.  The only problem is that we end up staying way later than we should!  This girl was up past her bedtime, and I think I'm still paying for it!

And, I know I said I was closing my Etsy shop.  Well, I got a couple of calls from some friends, and some emails from some online friends, and some notes from online friends.  They all convinced me not to just shut it down.  Maybe I did jump the gun a bit, but still, it can get pretty discouraging.  So, I'm going to work with a friend soon, and hopefully some changes made.  I think I will branch out to some other sites as well, and add some new things.  The 50% off sale will only continue through Sunday!  So, if you are waiting to get something, you'll want to get it now!

And friends, don't forget what today is!!!
Do something kind for someone today!  If you need more information, check out my friend Ashley's beautiful blog, La Luce!

I think I'll be baking a lot this weekend.  One of the guys we saw the other day loaded me up with some cucumbers, zuchinni and banana peppers!  I think I am going to pickle the banana peppers and can them, and make some zuchinni bread.  Maybe I'll make some spaghetti sauce and can that while I'm at it.  But the cucumbers...we have just been eating those cut up all by themselves.  Man they are good.  But I'm saving some to make cucumbers and onions in vinegar.  My granny used to make that all the time and it is one of my favorite things about summer!

I actually do have some great posts in mind for next week.  They have just been feeling a little absent minded lately!  Stick with me!  I'l have my head sewn back onto my shoulders soon, and back in form!  I pray everyone has a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend!


  1. LOL This was a fun read :-)

    Glad you are keeping your shop open. I have found that shops who close and reopen aren't happy with themselves. LOL

    I need to make jam soon. Almost out. Too many irons on the fire right now, but soon I will get to the process!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. AHHHH i wish you lived closer (again) my husband has this amazing mechanic that barley ever charges us anything for all car stuff ( like barley anything, i always end up giving him extra cause i feel bad, thats how cheap he goes)... this whole distance thing is annoying lol.

    I wanted to tell you about this shop thing my friend sent me yesterday. I have the SAME feelings about etsy... and i dont like the lack of creative freedom either. girl, check out -- you are going to love it! no fees, no monthly costs. i've already started making one for me.

    probably just should've emailed you huh? this is a long comment. oh well can't help, i love ya, lol.


    p.s- thank you for the givelove support!!! means the world!!!

  3. My irons are all red hot too...I need to be a little more selective in what I do!

    Ashley, thankfully, the guy who is working on our truck is one of Mike's best friends. Otherwise, we would be in trouble! I think he is going to go down and pick it up tonight (the downside is that he will probably hang out with his friends ALL night long!)
    The distance thing is really NOT COOL! Maybe you should move to Texas.....:-) I'm so going to check that shop out. I've been doing so much reading on Etsy lately, and there are TONS of people who are really upset.


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