Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Schedule

Before I go on to my post, I want to let everyone know that tomorrow I will announce the winner of my gift bag set!  I'm so excited, because yesterday, not only did I reach 125 followers, I actually went all the way up to 133! woohoo!  Be sure to check back tomorrow!  And now, for today's regularly scheduled blog....

I must get back on a schedule.  It is so easy during the summer months to throw mine out the window because 1.) I have no daycare kids, and 2.) its just more fun to play with the kids.

The last few weeks months I've just barely been doing what I have to do as far as housework goes.  If I was in a paying position, Barb Wire Man would have fired me!  But, school starts again soon, as does the daycare, so I have to get back into my habits.

This sign, from CCWD, is only $9.99!  I think we all need this sign in our homes!

I've had some people ask how I divide my housework up, so that I do several small things each day, versus having one major cleaning day.  So, I've decided to start posting my daily to-do list.  This way, I can hold myself accountable, and maybe the way I do things might help you out, too!

So....let's is Wednesday.  Holy Crap....its already Wednesday!?  Awesome.  I'm behind already! But, I'll just start here anyway.

The following are the things I do every day:
  • Make beds
  • Shower/get completely ready for the day, put my apron on (hey, it helps me get in the cleaning mood)
  • Quite Time/Devotional
  • General Straightening up of the house
  • Load/unload dishwasher
  • Empty kitchen trash
  • Prepare next day's coffee (ours is on a timer, since we wake up so early)
  • Prepare supper (I cut everything up and have it completely ready to cook around noon, so all I have to do is cook in the evening
  • Set meat for tomorrow's meal into refrigerator to thaw.
  • Wipe down kitchen counters
  • Make tea for the day
  • Pick up bath toys
  • Prepare next day's clothes
Nothing makes me want to clean like an apron like this, from ChicMamaCovers.  Its only $30!

Here are the things I do each Wednesday:
  • Sweep/mop all the hard floors in the house
  • Change Table Cloth
  • Change sheets
  • Put fresh dishrag/towel in kitchen, and fresh hand towels in both bathrooms
  • Laundry (ALL laundry must be washed, dried and put away before checking off list)
  • Clean top of fridge
  • Scrub both bathroom sinks (only...toilets and tubs are another day)
  • Pay Bills (do this on whatever day works for you.  Barb Wire Man gets paid on Tuesdays, so this works best for me.
  • Water plants indoors and out

I might actually enjoy doing laundry if I had this cute wall decal from  OneDecalGirl...only $23.00!

Here is my list of monthly chores for August.  I try to save these for the weekends, unless I happen to have free time during the day.  I've crossed out the ones I've already done.

  • Polish wood in Flower's room
  • Make laundry soap
  • Clean oven vent
  • Wipe down washer and dryer
  • Wash out trash can
  • Clean the carpets in the back section of house
  • Wash front bathroom shower curtain and rugs
  • Clean porch area
  • Clean all mirrors

When I strictly follow my schedule, I'm usually finished around noon.  I try to finish earlier when the daycare starts back up.  To be fair, I do divvy some of these up between myself and Flower, and the latest I ever wake up is 5:30A.M.  Flower makes her own bed, and is responsible for bringing me her dirty laundry.  I try to get the laundry started before she wakes up, but if not, I let her sort it (she actually thinks its fun).  She unloads the dishwasher, and picks up the bath toys.  She also makes the tea, because she thinks it is fun, and she makes some darn good tea.  And it looks like a lot, but some things don't really take that long, like, changing out the towels.

Kids always come first, though.  So if they need me, the chores can just wait.  When Flower is in school and the daycare kids are here, naptime is right after we eat.  I usually fall asleep on the couch with them!  When Flower isn't in school, she does school work, reads, or plays while I finish the chores up.  She loves to help so that is a bonus.

If there is anything I hate, its being called a lazy housewife.  I want to strangle them with my daily list of must-do's.  This list doesn't include the "extra" things, like running errands outside of this house.  Thankfully, there is only a couple today.  Hopefully, this might help you out!  I know it will me, having people watch what I am doing!  

One last note.  I've been including pictures from Etsy sites that correlate with what I'm writing about.  The first reason for this is because a photographer I'm not.  The second reason, and most important, is to help promote handmade!  Please be sure to click on the pictures, visit their websites, and show them some love!  They aren't sponsors, just shops I've found that I really like!  

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Have a blessed day everyone!



  1. I have certain days I do certain things. Monday and Thursday is laundry day. I used to do Monday, Wednesday and Friday and decided twice a week is enough.

    I don;t know why, but if we have a schedule it gets done easier! LOL

    Have a great day!


  2. isn't is crazy how much just "keeping up the house" becomes such a thing. i've had to schedule stuff out too.


  3. Haha, I love that first sign... I could so use one of those. :p I try my best to stay on a cleaning schedule but sometimes it just doesn't happen. And right now we're in the middle of a kitchen remodel so I'm really going crazy trying to keep things clean.

  4. Our schedule went out the window over summer too! I'm trying to get back on it now but like you said, it's just more fun to play with the kiddos. There are things I do everyday and other things that I go a bit longer between. My house got neglected over summer, it still looks appealing to the eye but it needs a good deep cleaning!

  5. A mom's work is never really done, huh? I just updated by index card-house work box. Thanks for hopping by The MamaZone today and adding my button to your beautiful blog. I'm following you now. Hop by again next week.

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