Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Sponsor Spots

Its Saturday, so that means its time to thank the sponsors here on 13 Plum Confessions!  Right now, I have 13 Plum Knitting, and CCWD!  I still have room for some more, so contact me if you are interested!  There's lots of options to choose from, and I make it easy on you by doing everything!

CCWD joined 13 Plum Confessions just last week!  I've enjoyed the little bit of writing back and forth we have done, and Val, the owner, seems like such a sweet lady!

I really love that her children's wall decorations are made of foam.  I've always been phobic that heavy wood art in kids rooms would fall and hit them in the head.  Not these!

The sayings on her wooden art are just hilarious.  I'm sure you can find something that will make you laugh!  But, just in case, she also take custom orders!

Take a look at her store, and remember...Christmas time is coming up soon.  Her prices are great, so you could get a sign for each person in your family!

13 Plum Knitting...yup, that's me!  I'd still really like to get some of this moving, because, well, I'm just running out of room here.  I need to get this gone before I can make some new things!

This scarf and hat set aren't sold together, but are perfect matches! The hat will fit adults or kids, and its guaranteed to keep you warm!

I have a couple of different scarves, but this maroon one is still my favorite.

And who wouldn't look cute wearing this?!
Start shopping for Christmas now, and start by visiting CCWD and 13 Plum Knitting!


  1. I got the hat I ordered in the mail today! So cute and well made. Thank you so much!

  2. I enjoyed the writing back and forth, too - Thanks so much for the mentioning!!! :)


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