Monday, August 15, 2011

Flower's Girl Scout Story!

Flower was so excited to write this little post!  We had been waiting to get her pictures back to share, but I discovered that nearly every one of the 39 pictures she had were of herself!  Half way through, she remember how to capitalize letters, by using the shift key, but didn't go back and correct half of it!   That's OK, though...she is only 8!  I hope you enjoy!

Telling daddy goodbye!

this summer i went to girl scout camp it's name was camp kiwanis. It was my first time.when i got there i was nurvus, but when we started doing crafts i did not want to go home.
In front of her cabin, so excited!

we got to ride horses i got to ride the bigist horse, named dollar.  it got realley hot at night and we did not have a air conditioning .we sang a bunch of songs i cant remeber them all becuase there were so many. there was a bunch of trees and a bunch of bridges. 
She must be like me, and love the beauty in old, dead trees.  I found 6 different pictures of this same tree!

I maid a bunch of friends,  like sarah and morgan . I slept in a cabin that had a cute little mouse that was our pet. 
Her cot in the cabin, where the pet mouse also resided.
The part that I liked was the party.We were named fire flies, so we got to stay up late at night. We got to paint our nails and make glow in the dark bracelets. I had a realley fun time at camp . I cant wait to see if my friends can come next time

The "wobbly bridge".  She said her favorite part was shaking it because it made the other girls "scream like little girls".
Oh goodness.  She is just like me.


  1. What a wonderful post! I enjoyed reading this. Lovely pictures as well! Awesome job Flower!

  2. I love this! She did really good for being 8 and I love her pictures. The dead tree one is great!

  3. So sweet! I love that cabin, it looks really cool!


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