Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daily To do Lists

Yesterday, I listed out all the household chores I do each month.  Today, I will show you how I divide things up weekly.  The things listed below are the things I do in addition to the things I do every single day.

Remember, it isn't really as bad as it looks, and you may have to change things up a bit to fit your particular needs.

Nothing.  This is supposed to be a day of rest!  Enjoy your family!

Sweep/mop all hard floors in the house
Put fresh towels/dishrags in kitchen and bathrooms
Dust the front part of the house
Check toilet paper and trashes in bathroom
Water all plants
These dust Bunnies, from pushinupdaisies are too cute!  $12.00

Vacuum all rooms
Iron anything remaining from yesterday
Wipe down outside and top of fridge
Dust back part of house

Change tablecloth
Change Sheets
Fresh towels/dishrags
Clean out and wipe down top shelf of the fridge
Scrub bathroom sinks only 
Check toilet paper/bathroom trashes
Pay and file bills
Water plants

Clean out and wipe down middle and bottom shelf of fridge
Wipe down outside and inside of microwave and outside of oven
Scrub toilets
Wipe down outside of dishwasher
Clean out and wipe down drawers of fridge and door shelves
Scrub bathroom tubs
Check toilet papers and trash in bathrooms
Water Plants
Fresh Towels/dishrags

Do 2-4 things on monthly chore list

This is my "Do Every Single Day or My Whole World Will Be Thrown Out Of Rotation" List
Make beds (kids do their own)
General house straightening (do right before Hubs gets home)
Load/unload dishwasher
Empty kitchen trash
Prepare next day’s coffee
Prepare supper for cooking later (around noon)
Set out next day’s meat to thaw in fridge
Wipe down kitchen counters
Make sun tea in the morning so its ready by lunch
Give kids a bath
Quiet time
My shower
Pick up bath toys
Set out next day’s clothes

The daily list is in no particular order, but I have to have done everything or I feel like I've done nothing!  Even if I have to force myself to do it (which actually happens frequently) I do it.  For me, personally, if I slack one day, then it is easier to slack of the next day, then even easier to blow the entire thing off completely by the third day!

I post my blog first thing in the morning before the kids get up, then I only come back and check it when they are napping, or having their quiet reading time.  I try to get these things all done before 8 AM, and most of the time, I do.  After sticking to a schedule for a couple weeks, it really will get easier. I promise!

So, hopefully these have helped you!  Feel free to change it up as you need for your home!


  1. i love lists, they are the best, without them my mind would feel like applesauce!


  2. i love these lists! i am a working mom (didn't kno any better, waa!) and don't know how to take care of things at home. plus my hubby is now working nights so i feel like a single parent half the time. we will figure out our new family dynamic soon and this will help certainly help. thank you!

  3. My mind would totally be applesauce!

    I hope they do help! When I was a working mom, I hadn't created these lists yet, and my house was always a wreck!

  4. Oh my goodness! You are definitely on a mission! I feel like I need to get my butt in gear. I think now that my little guy is fully crawling I'll definitely need to get more sweeping/vaccuming done.

  5. Those dust bunnies are adorable!

  6. You've inspired me to try to stick to a schedule, too.

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