Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Longing For Fall

I'm not really much of a complainer.  I try to be grateful for everything, and find the positive in anything.  But I am sick of summer.

This has been the hottest and driest summer on record in Texas.  Most people didn't even get to enjoy a nice veggie garden, because it was just too hot.  The kids can't go outside and play like they want, because after 5 minutes they are sweating and begging to come inside.  Poor Little Man has his daddy's skin, and starts to look like a giant red jelly bean if he gets hot.  They've been so hot, they don't even want to play in the water!
This sunflower arrangement from JazzyWreathsInTexas, is exactly what I picture when I think of fall! $51.50

No, I'm ready for Fall - it is my favorite time of year.

It reminds me of my childhood, taking vacations to Red River with my family every year.
I adore fall's color pallete.
The Autumn Howlite Necklace with Tiny Leaves has every beautiful color of fall in it.  $26 at  sugartreecreek
I love the crispness of the air.
I love snuggling up in big giant sweaters.
I love putting the heavy quilt back on my bed, even though Barb Wire Man says he still burns to death under it.
The Star Pattern Quilt, from TalesofTime, is absolutely lovely.  At $70, you can't find a better deal!
I love sipping hot tea all day long to stay warm.
I love watching the leaves fall to the ground, though this year, the lack of water has made most of the leaves already fall off the tees.
I love to bake in the fall.
I love Thanksgiving.
Barb Wire Man and I celebrate our anniversary in the fall, even though I always have to remind him what day it is.
I love the gray skies.
I love the fields that lay barren, waiting to be tilled up for next year.
I love sitting at the table helping Flower with her homework.
I love, love love giant bowls of stew.  The rest of my family hates it, but I don't care.  I make it anyway.

Yes, I miss the fall.  And I can't wait until this summer is over.  What are some of your favorite things about fall?


  1. I am a Summer person, but this has been the hottest July on record in Oklahoma. They said on the news last night that July in Oklahoma was the hottest month ever recorded anywhere! I believe it!

    The garden was devoured by animals starving for moist vegetation.

    I have rabbits everywhere. The deer even ignored the stinky cologne strips I used to wart them off.

    The pool... well it has been impossible for me to keep clear. The water temperature probably stayed at 90* or better. So you get in the pool and your head is sweating.

    Pretty bad!

    We had a short rain storm last night which we needed.

    Have a wonderful day. Stay cool!


  2. It is as if you took the words out of my mouth. My stew is called the Witches Stew. I make it on Halloween night! My whole house smells of cookies and pumkins, my tounge stays scorched from Earl Grey tea and Caramel Macchiato's. I love to knit(only in the fall)although I never finish anything!Everyone feels alive with the crisp clean air! My favorite, favorite thing is to walk in the woods and see all the colors of the leaves changing. Very good time of year for me! Thanks for reminding us of all the great things to come!

  3. Yes, Christie, you guys are in the same boat we are. Its sad when 95 is cool snap!

    Kristi, I freeze all the leftover veggies from our meals (no matter what kind they are), the make a stew about every 2 weeks. I call it my "eat it and shut up"!

  4. I am with you on this one! My family and I just moved to Texas a few weeks ago. It is so hot here! My kids are the same way yours are....a few minutes outside and they are wanting to come back in. I was reading why you love fall & the majority of the things that you listed, I was over here saying 'Yea, me too!'

  5. I miss fall! When it comes, enjoy it for me :) we don't have seasons here unless you count a 10 degree change in weather lol. I miss winter and snow more though!

  6. I'm ready for fall, too! I hate summer.

  7. Fall is a relief from the hot summer indeed! Visiting from Mingle Monday bloghop!

    The Twerp and I


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