Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let's Welcome...

Remember this cool sign from yesterday?  Well, I am excited to let everyone know that CCWD and Val, the lady behind the sign, is a new sponsor of 13 Plum Confessions!  When I first saw this sign, I cracked up.  I absolutely thought I had to have it.  After looking through her shop a little more, I've changed my mind.  Seriously.

THIS is now my favorite!  That's why I chose this for her sponsorship spot!  It absolutely cracks me up every time I see it.  Mainly because its just so darn true!   Now, I want to share a little bit about her shop with you!

CCWD has something to spruce up the decor of any room in your house.  She hand makes every item in her shop, and each item is custom made.  So, if the color isn't exactly what your looking for, just let her know!  All her wood wall hangings are made from quality pine, not cheap plywood, so they will last for years to come.

I love the kid's wall hangings!  One of my fears when I was decorating Little Man's nursery was hanging heavy pictures on his wall.  In fact, there is still no thing hanging on his wall for that same reason.  I was just too afraid they would fall off and hit him on the head!  However, the kid's wall hangings from CCWD are made from foam, and stick to the wall!  They have a cool 3-D look to them, and can also be custom made.

Val is a SAHM to 7 kids.  God bless that woman!  She live in Pennsylvania,  and accepts custom order happily!

Tell us a little about yourself, and your shop.

i've been creating my decorations for over 4 years now. I have a store on another site, but wanted to branch out, because that "other" site whacks you with too many fees. a friend of mine has a store on etsy - miss emma's closet - and i decided to check it out. i am currently working on expanding my items to reflect the amount of items i have in my other store.

I absolutely love the sign that compares raising children to being pecked to death by your children.  I'm certain many moms can relate!  With 7 kids, how do you find the time to create?

how do i find time....i have what i like to refer to as a redneck office. my "desk" is my dining room table...with a nice plush office chair at it. my laptop on my "desk" and a crafting pad "placemat". there are many times that i get told "mom! there's no where to eat!! your stuff is all over the place!!"
so with my office located directly in the middle of the living space, i'm able to keep after my kids - the older ones are very helpful and very self suffcient. my living room and dining room look like fort knox - theres a baby gate between the living room/dining room (for when i need to keep the little ones out of my office...but the 3.5 year old figured out how to open the gate darn it!) and gates at the top of the one set of stairs and the bottom of the other set (it's a split level).
my rear is basically parked at my office all day and into the evening, with breaks to stop and take care of the kids and play with them...i also work on my items when the little one is napping. usually the 3.5 year old occupies himself with his ipod touch or with the older kids..

What, or who, are some of your inspirations?

i would have to say that my family is my inspiration. with my crafts, i'm able to stay home and take care of my kids, avoid having to put them in daycare (which there's absolutely nothing wrong with daycare, but it wouldn't be cost effective with so many kids who would need care) but yet still make money to help with the costs of our daily living...

What is your favorite piece in your shop?

my favorite piece....i can't really say that i have any one favorite piece....all my signs are things that i can relate characters are all things that i'm mostly familiar with having so many kids...but i do get custom requests of something here or there that i never heard of...

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

people are most surprised to learn that i have 7 kids. i then get asked if they are all mine. yup. i nurtured all of them in my womb and gave birth to them all....many people think i'm crazy....but hey, i never said i was normal!! but i also go to the gym...not sure how i find the time, but i do!

If you could have lunch with any three people, living or dead, who would you choose?

my first person would be my maternal grandmother. she died from lou gehrig's disease while i was 4 months pregnant with the twins. the ironic thing is that at that time we only knew there was one. that night i fell and called the doc. they wanted to get me in for an u/s the next morning to make sure everything was ok. then, in the wee hours of the morning, i got the call from my mom saying that grandma passed away....i went to my u/s in shock...then even more shock when they found not one, but TWO heartbeats AND bodies!!! It was as if my grandma "knew" and felt that it was a good time to let go....I miss her so much!! my next person, i would have to say is Peter Tork from the Monkees (sorry honey!!). i just saw them in concert in june - peter was always my favorite (i caught the reruns in the 80's) and i scored front row center tickets with a meet and greet. i also got to take a pic with him. my arms are wrapped tight around was my facebook profile pic for awhile....the next person, then, would be my husband. because we are always so busy and rarely get any time alone together....i enjoy spending time with him and feel that i could see him all day, everyday and never get sick of him!! he is my soul mate and i love him with all my heart!

Besides Etsy, are there other places online where people can find you?

-i have my store on first one on ebay....and a newer one on artfire...and Facebook!

Alrighty, guys, you know the drill!  Leave a comment, and head over to CCWD!  I'm certain you'll find something you love!  And, I still have a few more sponsorship spots left, and you can find out more about them by checking out the Sponsorship page.  If you have any questions, just holler!  Be blessed everyone!



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