Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh My My!

What a marvelous weekend it was!  We took a short road trip, played and swam, and relaxed.  I needed that so badly!

I was feeling really great about today, too.  I woke up early, got the house clean, and even got about half the laundry done before the kids woke up!  We had to be at the school administration building by 8:00 A.M. to register Flower for school.

What. A. Nightmare.

We stood in line for and hour and 45 minutes before we even got to the front of the line to start registering.  Little Man was not having any of it, and started to get really restless.  We were able to fast track through most everything, until we got to the shot record line.

I had called the school about a week ago, to check that they had her records.  I knew she was current on vaccines, and they informed me that yes, they did have her records and all looked great.  The story was different, however, when we were at registration.  Thankfully, I knew the nurse, and she kindly informed me that after 2 hours of waiting, I was not able to go any further until I had her current records.  Apparently, Flower's 4-year old shots were not recorded!  So we rushed home, called the doctor, and sure enough, the school had an outdated copy.  Unfortunately, the doctor cannot fax shots records to the school district unless they have a signed form from me.  I have no fax machine, and the closest records were in another town about 30 minutes away!  So, we drove to go get them.

We finally got back to registration at about noon.  I had two hungry children, and one who really needed a nap. We got the shot issue straightened out, and an hour later, finally left completely registered for school.  

Little Man just now laid down for nap, about 2 and a half hours later than normal.  He doesn't want to go to sleep, but he is so tired!  I also discovered that while I was gone, our wonderful puppy had decided to pull some laundry off the line and drag them around the backyard.  Thankfully they weren't torn, but I do have to rewash them.

My productive day has turned into an "I'm so exhausted from standing in line for hours that now I don't want to anything but sleep" day.  No such luck, though.  Much more to do, with less time to do it in.  

But, the good news is that Flower is ready for school!  We *think* (hope) we got the teacher we wanted (whose baby I'm excited to welcome to the daycare soon!).  

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Be blessed everyone!



  1. wow. I'm exhausted just reading about your day!

  2. Whoa! It wore me out just reading about your day!



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