Monday, August 8, 2011


Rick Perry, Texas's Governor, declared Saturday the 6th as a State Wide Day of Prayer.  Many of you know that Texas is in a severe drought (currently we've had 2.35 inches here and we should have had over 12 inches). That, along with the current state of affairs in our country, prompted out Governor to do this, and it caused some incredibly controversy.  The State Wide Day of Prayer went on as planned, with some protesting going on outside.
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Many non-Christian groups called foul, saying it excluded anyone who was not a Christian.  They said that it violated the separation of Church and State.  I would have to politely disagree with both arguments.  

No one was excluded.  No one was told they could not come.  It was organized by a Christian group, yes, but there was no bouncer at the door allowing only Christians inside.  Our beliefs are all different.  That is part of what make our country great, isn't it?  The fact that we are all able, and free, to worship as we see fit?  

Secondly, no one was forced to participate in the day of prayer.  That is what the separation of church and state prevents!  We cannot ask our elected officials to turn their back on their faith, of water it down, simply because they are now elected officials.  Likewise, they cannot enforce their beliefs upon us.  Governor Perry did not force anyone to join in the day of prayer.  Those who did not wish to participate did not have to, or, they could do their own thing.  And they did!

Many non-believer's held their own observance called The Day of Sinning and Debauchery.  
I think this print from Joyfully Yours, at $2.50 sums its up nicely.  We have freedoms, and freedoms come with responsibility!
I don't agree with it, but I'm not going to complain that they are excluding me.
I'm not going to protest outside.
I'm not going to cry discrimination.

Why?  Because they have every right, the freedom to do what they choose to do, whether I agree with it or not.  What angers me, is that many of those people don't want to allow me, and my family, to do the very same thing they want to do - express their religion as they see fit.  They protested.  The shouted.  They sued.

Since when did we start believing that everything has to include everyone?  Should we be tolerant and respectful of others?  Certainly.  But we shouldn't have to compromise our own beliefs just to cater to another.  It reminds me of my kids....
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Flower loves to play with Barbies.  Little Man loves to play with cars...until he sees Flower's toys.  Then he wants to play with his cars, and use Barbie as a guardrail.  So, being the awesome big sis she is, she shares her toys.  But when it is time for Little Man to share his toys, its a different story.  The road doesn't go both ways.  

To demand Christians to stop publicly displaying their faith, while allowing everyone else to continue displaying their faith is wrong.  Non-Christians have every right to lives their lives as they see fit, and so do I.  
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And I will...because its freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.  With freedom comes responsibility.  We must rememeber that everyone in this country has the same freedoms, whether you are a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, or a non-believer.  I'll never stop practicing what I believe, and I won't water it down so you are more comfortable.  I'm not uncomfortable when I see someone of another faith practicing.  Why?  Because I'm comfortable in my own faith.  So if seeing me practice mine makes you uncomfortable, then maybe you should take a closer look at what you believe.

And the funny thing?  Much of the Texas panhandle did get rain on Saturday.  Not as much as we really needed, but it was still rain.  Further proof that God's timing is great, and He has a great sense of humor!


  1. =)

    Sad to see just how people in general can use any kind of, even incorrect, reasoning to justify their desires.

    Best to you!

  2. Love it! We need rain too! (Oklahoma)


  3. I completely agree with everything that you said in this post! I couldn't have said it better myself!

    Would you mind if I shared your post on my blog?

  4. MommieVentures, I would not mind a bit! Go right ahead!

  5. If everyone understood the power and purpose of prayer, there would more agreement in the world. Praying for more rain!!


  6. This is one topic that always makes my blood boil. So many people pitch such a fit over a group wanting to pray, or seeing the Christian flag, etc. Freedom of religion is no longer freedom of religion. It's "freedom of religion as long as you aren't offending ME." And it is ridiculous. Great post. I'm your newest follower from Mingle MOnday.

  7. Amen! I'm so glad to here you say this!

  8. Let the redeemed of the Lord say, "So?" lol

  9. Musings of a Minister's Wife said...
    Let the redeemed of the Lord say, "So?" lol


  10. Very well said! I'm going to link to tgis post as well. Thanks!


  11. Please do, and thanks!! I'll FB and tweet it for you too!

  12. love this! this is what i believe tho didn't know how to say it. thank you and very well said!


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