Thursday, August 25, 2011

ABC's of Me

I've seen this on a couple of different blogs, and thought, "why not?!"  And because I haven't an original thought in my head today, I figured it would be as good a day as any to use it!

A - Always on time.  And by always, I mean, al-freakin-ways.  I'm usually 15 minutes early, so if I show up to something at the exact time it starts, then I'm running behind!
B - Bobo.  Yep, that's what Barb Wire Man calls me, along with any variation you can think of, and some you never would.  Bobes, Bobalina...the list goes on!
C - Christian.  I am a hands-raisin', Bible quotin' Christian.  It is the foundation of everything I do and say.  I love the Lord!
D - Daycare.  I have a daycare at my house, with some of the coolest kids!  I love playing with them each day, and I feel like they are apart of my family.  When they aren't here, my house is too quiet, and I feel like something is missing.
E - Emily.  That's my real name.  I used to hate it, but now I love it, because there aren't too many people my age with that name.
F - Family.  Next to God, there is nothing more important to me.  I can tolerate a lot of things done to me, but  not to my family.  Barb Wire Man, Flower and Little Man are my life.
G - Girl Scout Leader.  I lead Flower's Brownie troop, and even though it takes up a lot of time, I enjoy it.  Need cookies?  I'll let you know when we sell!
H - Harley Davidson.  I love to ride our Fatboy with my husband whenever I can, which here lately hasn't been at all.  One of these days, I'll have my own, and contrary to what he thinks, it won't be Barb Wire Man's hand me down.  I'm getting my own!
I - Independent.  I've always been very independent.  Thank you very much, but I can do it on my own (although recently, I've decided some things I do need help with).
J - June Cleaver.  That's what my mom calls me to "mock" my homemaking style.  I'm actually quite proud of the title, though!
K - Knitting.  As if that one wasn't obvious.  I love to knit, and am so thankful I learned from my mom.  It keeps my hands busy, and I love to see a long string turn into something useful.
L - Loud.  No one has ever accused me of talking or laughing to quietly.
M - Mimi.  That's what my Pawpaw used to call me, and what my mom still calls me.
N - November 26th, my anniversary to Barb Wire Man.  It will be 6 years!
O - October, the last time I will celebrate have a birthday.  I'll turn 29.
P - Plain.  I'm a pretty plain kind of person.  The simpler something is, the better it is.
Q - Q?  Heck, this is harder than I thought.  "Queen Mother".  I'm the queen mum around here, and my word goes.
R - Ruger, my preferred brand of gun.  Yes, I own a couple.  No, they aren't my husbands. Yes, I keep them loaded.  Yes, if someone comes in my house to hurt my family I will shoot them.  No, I won't miss.  I never miss.  So if you hear the click of my revolver, you picked the wrong house to rob!
S - Singing.  I love to sing.  People laugh at how many songs I know all the words to, and if the song doesn't have words, I still hum along to the music.  I like every type of music known to man, except for a few.  Those include bubble gum pop, boy bands and rap.
T - Texas.  I'm a 9th generation and damn proud of it!  I have family that fought and knew Sam Houston personally.
U - Underwear.  The only thing I don't hang outside to dry!
V - Vintage.  Bring back the 40's!!!  PLEASE!!!!  The 30's or 50's would work, too.
W - Wildflowers in Texas in the Spring.  There's nothing prettier.
X - Xanthippe.  A word I've always wanted to use, but never had the opportunity to.  Til now, and no, it doesn't describe me at all!
Y - Yard work.  I never do yardwork.  I make Barb Wire Man do it, because I don't like it at all, which is odd, since I love being outside!
Z - "Zolst es shtipin in toches!" A funny yiddish saying I whisper under my breath when I don't like something. FYI, it isn't very nice.  Which is why I don't say it in English.


  1. It was actually alot harder than I thought it would be!

  2. Cool idea! And I think Emily is a really pretty name.


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