Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Little Business Thursday

I have had two Etsy orders this month!  I know for some Etsy sellers, that's nothing.  They get that many orders in an hour.  But not this girl!  Its the most sales (online) that I have had in a single month, and I'm excited! Since opening my Etsy shop, I have had 24 sales.  They say that 50 seems to be the "magical" number; that once you hit 50, your sales really start taking off and you are "established".

Good grief, after 2 years of having this Etsy shop, I'm ready to be established!!!

Now, I have 23 items listed in my shop.  If I sold everything, I would almost  be at that "magical" mark!

What's a girl to do?   Beg for sales, of course!

I'm asking all of my friends, readers, and fans to help share my blog, and my business.  Christmas is around the corner, and the good news is I do usually get really busy this time of year.

Know someone with a baby?  I can make them a beautiful, heirloom quality blanket!

Everyone needs scarves, hats, shawls, wristwarmers, neck cowls, and other things to keep them nice and warm when it gets cold outside.  I have plenty of those, and if they aren't in the colors you like, I can make them for you!

It would sure mean a lot to me if you told your friends, or shared my blog!  Or, just got check out 13 Plum and get yourself something!!

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  1. I tell you... Online sales are slow for me too.

    Spending the week revamping one of the sites I sell on. Because once again, we are told that we have to "do this" to be found in SEO.

    I am woreking my way thru my etsy expired and listing them elsewhere where they don't expire.

    Then I can start the process of listing all the things that have never been listed. I thought it would be a one day job... 14 hours on Monday and I only made a dent in it! I will get it done.

    I am praying for sales and I hope we all enjoy a much better financial future!


  2. NO!!! Are they changing SEO stuff in Etsy again!?!


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