Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to the 21st Century!

I am so excited.  I have finally advanced into the 21st century.  I am typing this while sitting in a lounge chair in my front yard, watching my children play.

My dear, sweet, wonderful husband bought me a laptop over the long weekend! 

That may not seem like such a big deal to some, but for me, it is huge! 

I had been doing all my 13 Plum Creations stuff, as well as my blogging and tweeting on a super old, super big desk top computer.  It is around 10 years old, and slow as Christmas.  It liked to lock up on me constantly, and it took an eternity to get anything accomplished (which is the main reason I have not been writing recently).  It was torturous trying to get anything done on that old dinosaur!

I think now that I have much greater flexibilty and a more reliable computer, I will be able to get so much more accomplished.

Like announcing the winner of the giveaway I was holding!  I will be doing that tomorrow!  And I am SO sorry it has taken this long, but seriously, that computer isn't good for much more than using as target practice.

Which will happen as soon as I get everything transferred over to this new computer!

Barb Wire Man  also got himself a tablet.  He hasn't really decided whether he likes it or not.  At the moment, he hates it...but he says that about everything new he gets.  After awhile, he gets used to it and wonders how he ever lived without it.  But, I suppose if he doesn't end up liking it, then I wind up with a new laptop and a new tablet!

I do apologize to my devoted readers (ahem, my mom) for not writing as often as I ought.  Hopefully, that will all change now that I have joined the rest of the civilized world when it comes to technology!


  1. welcome to the laptop world!!! i got mine for Christmas.. no going back. good luck..have fun!!

  2. I don't know how I ever got anything accomplished on the desk top!


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