Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodbye, Santa Claus

My parents always played Santa for my sister and I.  My Pawpaw dressed up and played Santa for the whole town.  It was always a special thing growing up for me!

My Pawpaw, dressed as Santa.  And yes, that WAS his real beard, real hair, real glasses, and real belly!

I was in the third grade when I found out that Santa wasn't "real".  A friend, who's parents were Mormon and did not celebrate, told me.  I wouldn't say I was disappointed, and I certainly never felt lied to by my parents.  They continued playing Santa up until the year I was married and moved out of their home!

I was so excited to get to "play Santa" for my children.  For Flower's first Christmas, I went all out.  I couldn't wait to surprise her each year with the excitement of what Santa would bring!  Every year, it has been a joy to surprise my children with the one gift they couldn't live without.  I love setting out Santa's favorite snack, which, ahem, happens to be Kringla made by Grandma Mary and a nice cup of hot jasmine green tea.

Christmas 2010...setting out kringla and hot tea for Santa!
Well, a few weeks ago, Flower learned from a friend that the Tooth Fairy wasn't real.  Sure, I was a little sad, but it wasn't the end of the world.  Flower laughed, said she had suspected it was us, and thought it was a fun game parents play to make their kiddos feel special.  My only thought was "Oh, thank goodness it was just the Tooth Fairy and not Santa!"  But, I knew that it wouldn't be long before my 9 year old began putting all the little pieces together.

Sure enough, last night, Flower came up to me and informed me that she knew that Mama and Daddy were actually Santa Claus.  I would be lying if I said I was just a little disappointed.  I did explain to her that yes, Mama and Daddy were the ones who played Santa each year, but that we did it to make it a special time she would remember.  I asked if she was disappointed, or if she felt sad that we had hidden the truth from her.

Flower with her new Harley Davidson Helmet from Santa,  so she could ride with Daddy!

Her response was great!  "Oh no, Mama!  I think it was so much fun!  You did a good job every year, and it was always special!  But, I do feel bad for telling you that I always asked Santa for the most expensive gifts!"  (Yes, just a few short weeks ago she told me she was asking Santa for a new iPod, since Santa must be the richest man in the world!)

Daddy assured her that Santa would continue "visiting" our house, as long as she made certain not to spoil the surprise for Little Man, and that we didn't need to talk about it, so as not spoil it for our friends who don't already know.  Santa also informed her she must continue setting out kringla and hot tea!  She promised, and even asked if she could help with Little Man's Santa gifts!

So, I am a little disappointed that this year won't be quite the same when Flower goes running in to see what Santa brought her.  But, on the flip side, it is about time to get a little credit!

Do you do Santa for your children?  I know there are many parents who don't think it is a wise idea, because it can be so misleading.  Personally, its always been something fun and special.  I don't know anyone who felt mislead because their parents tried to surprise them with special gifts each year!

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  1. We do it! And we also have an elf that comes and visits. I figure when our youngest gets to old for Santa, then I will let them take turns having the elf do things.


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