Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Past Comes to Life

Most everyone who has read my blog a time or two knows that my family history is incredibly important to me.  So when my mom invited the family over to her house to look through several boxes of old, almost forgotten photos, I was elated!  Some of these pictures were some I had never even seen, and of people I had only heard stories about.  Some were of people I dearly loved that have been gone for many years. 

I enjoyed hearing my mom, my aunt, and my great-uncle tell stories about these people that I had never heard before.  I learned things about my grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond that I never knew. 

This is a photo of my grandparents and my mom, when she was just a tiny little thing!  I think my grandmother was just gorgeous.  And my Pawpaw?  Quite the looker!  You can't tell from these pictures, but he had bright red hair, and my grandma always said that red hair is what made her fall in love with him!  I love these pictures of them, because it shows that there were very much in love.  When I was young, my Pawpaw had a pretty hard shell.  He was a tough ol' cowboy, and feelings were not something he expressed..unless he was angry!  He didn't come around hugging and loving on you, and he didn't often say "I love you".  I always wondered if he was really in love with my Grandma, or if he just kinda hung around.  I think these pictures show that they really did love each other.  (That and my great-uncle informed me that they were quite in love!)

I love this picture.  I don't even think there are any words necessary!
This is a picture of my grandparents more the way I remember them.  Grandma's smile never changed!

My great-grandmother, Helen, was a super classy woman.  I had never seen this picture of her before, but she totally looks like the kind of woman I would have been had I been her age back then!  She and I shared the same middle name, Lorraine.  My mom was very close to her. The young boy in the picture is my Pawpaw!
This was my grandmother in her later years, every bit as classy and pretty as she was when she was a young lady!
There were so many, many more pictures I could have shared!  But, I will leave it at this for today!

Be blessed!


  1. What great pictures!

    Now,m your great=grandma was a classy lady. Look how well she sports those "slacks" when "slacks" weren't worn by many women! Watch out Audrey Hepburn!


  2. Classy she was! She rocked those slacks until the day she died! She actually accomplished a lot in her life that only men were expected to do. She was quite the go-getter!

  3. I think you look a lot like your great grandma. Fun fun fun to see old family pictures.
    Jessica Wilcox

  4. Thanks you Jessica! That is a compliment....I always thought she was a beautiful lady!


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