Monday, September 17, 2012

Easter in.....August?!

Easter around in our family is a pretty big deal.  It is the celebration of new beginnings.  A great excuse to invite people over for fun and food. The celebration of our risen Savior, Jesus.  And, of course, fun times dyeing eggs, hiding them, and hunting them!

Our family always hides real and plastic eggs.  We usually keep a great tab on how many eggs we hide, so we can ensure that no egg will be left to rot in my mom's front yard.

Normally, it is just Flower and Little Man who hunt eggs, so keeping count is no big issue.  This year, we invited my friend and her family over to hunt eggs as well, so there were five little ones running around, gathering eggs.

We thought we had the eggs completely counted and recovered.

Until a few weeks ago.

We had gone to my parents house, just for a visit.  My sister's fiance, Chris, had taken Little Man out into the front yard to help burn off some energy.  Little Man came running in, and right behind him was Chris, laughing hysterically.

They found an egg.  A real egg.  In August.

No one dared to open the egg,   Everyone was afraid the egg would break.  Chris carefully discarded the egg, and thankfully, no one had to smell the egg.

Next year, we count better.  AND will graph each egg's exact location!

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