Monday, September 24, 2012

Back to the Kitchen!

I've been fast a furiously working on my kitchen and dining room!  So far, I have textured the walls, primed all the paneling, taken all the cabinet doors off, and primed all my cabinets.

This is quite an undertaking, and I don't think I realized quite how intensive this was going to be. I always underestimate things like this!   But, I started this whole project on Monday, and I'm about halfway from being finished.  I think.
Dining room, ready to paint!  (notice that huge old computer!? NOW you know why I needed a new one!!)

Looking into dining room from kitchen: ready to paint!

At any rate, I'm elbows deep in this project now, and there is no turning back!  I'm so excited to see the finished project!  What all do I have left to do?!

On Friday I will be buying the paint.  On Saturday, I'll paint with color one, which is a light cream color.  It will be the base of all the textured walls, and the paneling in the kitchen.  I will also be painting the cabinets cream.  Once that is finished, I will glaze the textured walls to make them a little darker.  Now that I'm a little nervous about, since I've never actually done it myself.  I have seen it done, though, so I have a general idea of what to do.  Next, I will paint the paneling in the dining room red.

Once I'm finished there and all the cabinet doors are painted and back up, I will paint the back splash.  I'm painting that red, too!  (This secretary desk is the same color of red.)
This is my lovely new secretary, made by my neighbor! It will have a some decorative pieces on the top, once I find what I'm looking for!

So I still have quite a bit left to do.  But, I can do it, right!?

Here are some pictures of my discombobulated kitchen and dining room.  (It seems like no matter how organized and clean I try to keep this project, it just takes over and goes to you know where in a heart beat!)

I'm also doing this project as inexpensively as possible.  I really don't care for spending money!  Here is a quick recap of the project and cost so far:

Looking into kitchen from dining room: ready to paint!


  • Textured all walls
  • primed all walls
  • primed cabinets
  • ready to paint!
Total dollar amount spent:
  • $10 on an enormous bucket of joint compound for texture
  • $36.14 on 1 paint roller, 5 plastic paint holders, 1 foam brush to get into corners, a gallon of primer, and 2 washable sanding blocks.  (The total here would have been $46.14, but I found a printable coupon for $10 off!)
  • Total comes to $46.14 on entire project so far!
Be blessed today!!

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