Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Closer!!!

Well, over the weekend, Barb Wire Man and I certainly had our work cut out for us, and I am so grateful for his help!

This whole kitchen remodel was my idea, and I fully intended on doing all of it myself, except for the things I needed a good strong man for.  Well, friends, it turns out I bit of more than I could chew!  Very rarely do I underestimate myself.  I make a plan, and I move heaven and earth to make sure I get what I want accomplished in the time I set for myself.  Not only am I not finished with my kitchen, I would still be disgustingly behind on my schedule without Barb Wire Man's help.
My red dining room!  All that is left in this room is glazing that walls and touching up the red paint where the tape peeled it off!

Saturday morning, I started painting about 9:00 in the morning.  I got the base white on the tops of all the walls, all the cabinet doors removed, and all the cabinets painted white.  Our friends came over to see the progress, and hang out to keep us company.  Our boys decided to go to the store, buy hamburgers and brats and take them back to their house to cook.  I'm so thankful for kitchen was so torn apart that there was no way I could cook supper.  While they were gone, I was able to get one of my walls painted red, finished up in the kitchen, cleaned up the mess a bit, and took a shower.    The guys brought supper back over to the house, and we realized there wasn't even a place for us all to sit!  All my kitchen drawers and utensils were in various places around the house!  So, we headed back to their house to eat.  Again, I'm so thankful for good friends who let us invade their home because we don't have a place to eat!

Sunday morning, Little Man came into our room at 7:00 and informed me that the sun had woken up, and it was time for Mama to wake up to.  After I fed him and had my first cup of coffee (the only appliance still available at this point!), I started painting.  I still had to put a third coat of red on in the kitchen, plus three coats on the dining room walls.  This was about 8:00 AM when I started.
Kitchen, needs glazing and another coat of white

Barb Wire Man woke up, had a bite to eat, and started taking the cabinet doors out to the garage.  We have a TV in the garage, so at least he was able to watch football and smoke his cigars as he was sanding, priming and painting!  Around 6, I finally had finished with all the coats of red, plus the molding and baseboards.  It took forever, and by the time I was finished, it seriously looked like I had massacred an entire village.  I was covered in red paint!  Barb Wire Man had all the cabinets primed, and we were able to paint them up pretty quickly.  I ran to pick up some take out for supper finally, around 7:15 PM.  The kids were starving, and Little Man didn't take a nap, so he was a really grouch!

At 10:30, Barb Wire Man and I were hanging cabinet back in the kitchen, and cleaning up the garage.  I even managed to get my kitchen clean and the utensils and my crystal put back away.  It is usable again!  We cleaned up the garage, and at 11:00 PM, we both sat on the couch, exhausted!

I think we make a pretty darn good team!  We both are loving the was the kitchen is looking, even though we are finished yet.  We haven't had a single argument about how to do things.  Without his help, the cabinets wouldn't even be half-way finished yet.

I still have a few things left: I need to glaze the top halves of the walls, and I am considering glazing the white cabinets too.  I'm waiting to see what they look like without it, first.  I still need to paint the drawers as well.  After that, we have to pull out the refrigerator and do all the work behind that.  Once those things are finished, I will only have to decorate, hang curtains, and reorganize.
Kitchen...also needs the drawers painted!

I'm so thankful we are almost finished.  I'm thankful I have such a sweet husband who will stay home to help me, even though he really wanted to go play golf.  And smoke cigars.  Or shoot himself in the head.  Frankly, he would have rather done anything then help me paint.  I'm thankful for our friends who have given us a place to eat.  I'm thankful for Flower helping me keep track of Little Man, and be such a big girl around the house while I'm paint covered.  I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to fix our home up.  I'm thankful we have a home to fix up.

Be blessed today!  I know I am, without a doubt, an incredibly blessed woman!

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