Friday, September 14, 2012

Captchas are a Pain!

I read a long time ago that captchas (the funny shaped words and numbers that are required on some blogger's comments, to make sure comments aren't coming from a computer) was the best way to not get comments on your blog.  They take time that many bloggers just don't have the time for.  We read, we comment, we move on to the next blog.

At the time, they really didn't bother me that much.  It didn't seem to take that much more time to type them in quickly, but, I still chose not to have them on my blog.  I might not be too busy, but many bloggers are.  I wanted them to still comment on my blog!  (We all know, getting comments is super important to the blogging world.)

Now, I got this new laptop, you know.  So I'm getting to read a lot more blogs than I was able to before, and I love it.  But from some reason, I cannot comment on any blog with a captcha.  I can type my comment, but no matter how many times I type in the captcha, I am told it is wrong.  I haven't ever had this trouble before, and I know I am typing them in correctly.

Does anyone know if this might be a setting on my computer?  There are a lot of blogs I read on a regular basis, that I can no longer comment on!  It is super frustrating!

So, if you are one of my blogger friends, and I have suddenly stopped commenting on your blog, I apologize!  I am reading, but cannot seem to comment on any blog requiring a captcha!

Ideas, anyone?!


  1. I have posted on my blog about recaptcha, several times. I have a 3 attempt at typing them right rule and if I can't get it , never mind on the comment.

    They drive me insane. I can not read them most of the time. I have stopped following some blogs that have them. I may stop following all blogs that have them. It wastes my time and causes frustration because after I have bothered to comment, I can't get past the recaptcha.

    I don't think it is the setting, but I may be wrong.

    THANK YOU for NOT having recaptcha!


  2. I thought maybe it was just an issue with blogger, but after a week I still can't get any to work! It doesn't seem to be an issue on other sites, however. Who knows!?

  3. I never have thought about it being an issue with blooger or the computer. I thought it was just me and my brain having a problem communicating! lol


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