Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Doomsday Preppers

I don't care for watching TV much, but, after a day of deep cleaning my house, I decided to sit down and watch a little TV.

I got sucked in.  I ended up watching four episodes of a show called "Doomsday Preppers".  I have to say, it was super interesting!  Some of these people have thought of absolutely everything, from food to ventilation systems to protect them in case of nuclear fallout.

While I don't consider myself a doomsday prepper, I am most certainly a person who is prepared, and I have a nice little stockpile of things.

I like to stockpile things like dry beans, rice, flour, sugar, cornmeal, coffee (yes, coffee, because if the world shuts down, I am going to need an ample supply of caffeine to survive), and pasta.  I also have made sure that I have appliances and pans that can be used should we ever have to go long periods without electricity!

I would love to have a good supply of firewood, though I haven't really pursued that yet.  Being that it is coming up on fall, I may start looking for a good place to get wood.

Water, well, I don't have a good stockpile of that at all.  Barb Wire Man drinks only bottled water, so it is gone nearly as fast as I can purchase it.  Although, I stumbled across a blog recently which I completely enjoy called "The Diary of a Cajun Mama".  She had an incredibly interesting post on bottling your own water!  I am considering giving this a try!

Nor do I go to extremes of having ventilation systems...that isn't something that I am able to spend money on now, and I don't really think I would if I could.

Security.  That is definitely something our family has under control because shooting guns is one of our biggest family hobbies.  Then again, we live in Texas, so I am not sure if that makes us prepared or just like nearly other family in the area!

I haven't decided if I do all this as a way to prepare for a major, life changing event, or, if I do it to keep from having to go to the store constantly.  I think perhaps it is a little of both, actually.  I think if I had the room, and extra money, I could easily be a "doomsday prepper".  Barb Wire Man already thinks I am just this side of crazy because I stockpile like I do. I do know many people who stockpile as a way to ensure that their family will have food in an emergency.  I also know people who have taken major, major steps in preparing for an event that could change life as we know it.  Frankly, none of them would even entertain the thought of being on a show like Doomsday Preppers.  That is an incredibly secretive lifestyle.  And I hardly blame them, because they have gone to such amazing lengths to care for their families.

Are you a prepper?  Do you stockpile to ensure your family's safety, or, just as a way to keep from having to go to the store often?  If you do, what things to you set aside, and what do you do to make sure food doesn't spoil?

Be blessed!


  1. When I was a very small child, I remember people were building/digging bomb shelters.

    I also remember my Dad telling "If it's our time to go...we go!"

    I used stockpile but only because I could. Now I can only buy the bare necessities to get thru. For example, my freezer contents: ice, one pot pie and an ice pack.

    Money is something I don't have. Want to buy some ice?

    In Oklahoma, just like Texas...we have guns and can certainly shoot them... and hit!


  2. Interesting stuff. This show has brought a lot of people into prepping but the way I see it, it's something a lot of people always thought about. The show is just a way to let them know it's ok to talk about

  3. Really very impressive post. I must say this is one in the most well written posts, that I have seen with this topic in a very long time. Indeed, it was. Will probably get a link up here at some point. Thanks go to Dutch for asking me to come on once again. Keep us posted like this guys.


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