Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Saturday Post!?

I know, I know.  I never have posted on a Saturday, but today, I am making an exception.  

I need to sell everything on my Etsy shop, 13 Plum Knitting.  I mean, everything.  Shoot, I need to sell things that aren't even on there!  

I currently have 40 items for sale, everything ranging from floor rugs to head coverings, and just about everything in between.  Everything....all 40 30% off when you use the coupon code MUSTGO11.

I will even throw in a free gift with any order $30 or more!

This sale even applies to custom orders.  So, if you see something you like, but would prefer it in another color, just let me know!

I have somethings that would make awesome stocking stuffers for Christmas, like the sachets and bookmarks.

The dishcloths and coasters would look great paired with a gift basket of home accessories!  The back scrubbers would go great in a gift basket full of pretty soaps and body care items.

Or, you could wrap everything in my totally awesome, re-usable gift bags!

At any rate, this is a great time for you to get a good deal.  Seriously!  save 30% every single thing in my shop!  Won't you stop by (and order!) today?  Oh, and tell a friend!  I'd love if you did that!

Be blessed, everyone!


  1. That hooded scarf and your model are darling!

  2. Thank you! I love that scarf (and that pretty little girl is my sweet baby girl!) Thanks!

  3. I hope everything is okay. Your shop is really cute. I just bought your adorable dishcloths :D

  4. Thanks so much!! I will get those out to you on Monday morning! Everything is well, just a lot of things going on! Etsy seems super...super slow, and I'm spending more time on my blog these days. But, mainly, my husband is looking to buy a semi so he can make better money and still be at home more, so I'm trying to help him out all I can!

  5. Great stuff and your prices are very affordable!

  6. I just bought something, but cant' figure out where to enter the code. Was it just for yesterday?

  7. Sorry for another pos,t but if it's still running, do I enter the code at the end with paypal. I just realized I haven't actually purchased it yet. :P I love that little tobaggan hat!

  8. it is still going! When you go to checkout, where it shows all the prices, there should be a little box to enter the code. If not, email me at and I'll change the price for you!

  9. me at
    lol that is sad that I don't remember my own email!

  10. Cute stuff! Thanks for finding my blog, I'm now following you back :)

  11. Ack! It was really obvious where the coupon code goes, but now I have no clue what my husband changed the paypal password to so I'll have to wait until he gets home. :P


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