Friday, July 15, 2011

Back In the Old Days

About 3 times a month, I use my Queen Mother status to enact a TV/Nintendo free day.  Today is that day.

My kids are not very happy with me.  They cried.

I don't care.

They got dressed and I told them to go play outside because its still cool, and it will be hot this afternoon.  The following is the conversation I held with Flower:
"But mom....what will we play outside?"
"I don't know, use your imaginations!  Your Aunt and I used to always play outside!  We played house, or school, or pretended like we were pioneers who lived a long time ago!  We made mud pies, or looked at nature.  Just have fun!"
"Yeah, well, mom, that was back in the old days when there was no TV or Nintendo, and your Mom couldn't take it away."

Mind you, now, that I am not yet 30.  And while I am getting older, I certainly did not live back in the old days!  I told my sister about the conversation Flower and I had, and she thought it was hilarious!  She sarcastically said "Times were hard back in the old 90's!"

Where did imaginations go?  How did we get to the point that our children think they must be entertained by something electronic?  I know, but am not in the mood to get on a soapbox today.  (Strange, yes, I know.)

I just want to make my wonderful readers aware, that today, I am going to be a mean Mama.  Horrible, in fact.  Today, my children are going to play outside all morning.  And during Little Man's nap time, Flower and I are going to (gasp) read a book, do a little school work, and even some art.  And after nap time, we will not watch Cars for the 100th time.  We will go outside, and play in the water.  Or, do some puzzles together.  Shoot, we might even play some games!  Or build a tent!

You know, all those terrible things we had to do back in the Old Days.

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  1. Goodness! Even my friends and I see the difference- when we were little (7,8,9) we'd go outside and play for hours on end. We dreaded the thought of going inside! Our games (too numerous to count) consisted of getting old wood and building little "forts" and playing that we eiter nurses who were dedicated to nursing the fallen confederate or maybe that we were pioneers. And you know, that was creative. For children to have such an imagination as that...


  2. Everyone I know has the same conversation from time to time. How the generations before could still relate and connect but there is such a difference between the new generation...and i'm only 27! i personally think the social media created the biggest change...facebook, myspace, twitter...all created such a different dynamic for these kids to go to school with and experience, they became more aware and grew up faster. I couldn't imagine going through high school and having facebook. But imagination is so important. It's heaven's playground for our mind and spirit to be filled up with the things that God has placed in us. When i'm a momma there will lots of imagination days, even if they hate me at first ;)


  3. That is NOT mean! lol That's how I was raised! So be a 'mean' momma 3 times a week! It will do them good! Lol, seriously!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. ~Blessings!

  4. i like that idea
    following now

  5. Good for you! there needs to be a lot more "mean" moms.


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