Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Quiet 4th of July

I believe this is the first Fourth of July I didn't fall asleep to the popping noise of fireworks.  The only loud banging noise I heard was a neighbor hammering on something in the distance.  

This year, fireworks were banned due to the lack of rain.  Generally, I am not for any government, be it local, or national, banning much of anything, just because, well, we have our freedoms.  However, ironically, I am glad there was a ban on Independence day.  We are just so dry.  And some nincompoop setting off fireworks could start a terrible chain reaction of fires, loss of homes, and the potential loss of life.  Ironically, storm clouds built up during the day.  No rain, though, but the clouds did help cool off an otherwise sweltering day.

However, we still had a wonderful weekend, and Independence day!

After Little Man's nap, we went outside for some fun!  Here are a few pictures documenting our Fourth of July Celebrations!

First, we put sunscreen on my ghostly white child.  He definitely got his skin tones from the Norwegian side of the family.  I'm tan even in the dead of winter.

We scoped the lay of the land...just to make sure no ladies were watching.  Things were about to get 
c-r-a-z-y, and couldn't have his bad boy reputation ruined by a little childish fun!

We ran around the yard until mama was exhausted from just watching

We jumped into the pool........

We jumped out of the pool....

Then jumped right back in again!

We splished....

And splashed...

..and splashed....

And we splished a little more!

But then, we saw an airplane!!!

But then, a sad thing happened.  We discovered that if we push on the pool, Daddy's lawn gets watered, and we loose all the water in our little pool.  So we had to get out.

  We did stay outside and run around for awhile.  And had a nice talk about how our bachelor neighbors really should pull weeds and put their drinking chairs away.

We went for a walk around the block later that evening when it had cooled down a bit, and by that point, this Mama was ready for bed!  Little Man still had more energy than the Energizer Bunny on Speed.  But once he finally did go to bed....he crashed HARD!

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day!  I'm thankful for our freedoms as Americans, and even more thankful for the freedom found in Christ.  Neither of them were free; each came with a cost, but are available to all.  

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  1. Great, entertaining post. Loved all the pictures of your son! And, totally agree with your thoughts about the ban on fireworks this year. It was sad not to see and hear fireworks onevery direction out here in the country, but I felt much safer knowing they wouldn't be sparking any fires.
    - Sharon/RomanticThoughts.etsy.com


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