Friday, July 8, 2011

History in the Making

Just like her Mama, her favorite part was the old clothes!
Wednesday night, I told Flower that if she would help me get caught up on the house work (since we were in Amarillo all day on Wednesday) that I would take them to the museum here in town!  She has always loved museums, and on Thursday morning, she was up bright and early to help me straighten!  I've never seen the girl would so fast, and with such a happy heart!  By 9:30, we were completely ready to go.

"Yes, jails still look like this.  Follow the laws and you'll be fine..."

Hereford really is a pretty small town, but with a little digging, there are some fun things to do here.  Take our museum.  It is very small, and many people have told me not to bother going...but it is  full of some really neat things.  We were the only people there, so we had the full attention of the curator, and were able to learn some really interesting things about our town and county's history. The other things I really enjoyed about this museum was that many things were not behind glass windows, like at most museums.  The kids could touch history.  

A real choo-choo train!!

I will admit, I am a history geek.  So I was constantly reminding Flower "Remember...real people from a long time ago used these things everyday!" and, "Can you just imagine what it would be like to live this way!"  (I think possibly I was more excited than she.)

It isn't hard to believe people lived in dugouts, when you come from an area with no trees!

The best part?  When we walked up to a wood burning stove and the first thing out of Flower's mouth was "I wonder if Nana or Grandma had to use a stove like this?"  Umm, sorry ladies!  I did inform her that you did not have to cook on a wood burning stove!

We had an added surprise that wasn't planned!  

Not too far from the museum is a beautiful Victorian Era home.  Since the first time Flower saw it, she has begged us to live there.  She loves it.  Sometimes we have to drive by it just so she can see it.  The curator informed us that there was a worker there, and if we drove over there, we could take a personal tour!  Flower's eyes were as big as plates, and she was jumping up and down!

Once we got there, the lady doing the work said "Are you interested in renting the home?"  Of course, she meant for the day or for a wedding, but Flower thought she meant renting to live in.  Just as I was about to say "Oh,  no, just taking a tour", Flower said "We certainly are.  How much?"  She was pretty disappointed when I told her no one was allowed to live in the home. 

The nursery was the sweetest I've ever seen!

It was a lovely home.  Everything was made from beautiful wood, and it had that wonderful "old home" smell.  Truth be told, I'd love to live there, too.

There is something about these old door handles I adore.

Mattie loved this old chandelier.  I've been informed that we need one just like this in our living room, too, and that we need to ask Daddy to by us one.  I have a suspicion he won't.
The garden of the E.B. Black house...stunning!

I so enjoyed taking them to the museum.  Flower learned so much...who said the classroom is the best place for learning!


  1. I love taking my kiddos to the museum too:)
    Great blog:) I am a new follower.
    Stop by mine sometime:)

  2. Oooh, this looks like so much fun! I love this kind of thing. Your pictures are great!


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