Friday, July 22, 2011

Wahoo! Finally Friday With Some GREAT DEALS!

Its Friday, friends!  We made it through another week!  Some of us, including myself, just barely.  It is time to relax now, though, so take a deep breath!  As for my family, we have no plans.  Sometimes, though, that is better than having a weekend crammed with activities!

I want to be sure to remind you of a few deals I've mentioned throughout the week.  Some will be coming to an end, so pay attention!

Don't forget about my giveaway!

I'll be giving away this awesomely fun, bright orange reusable gift bag set.  I have hand knit all three, and the giveaway is open until I reach 125 followers.  Entry is still low, so you have a great chance of winning!  It super easy too...just click here or on the picture, and it will take you directly to the rules!  Right now, I only need 13 more followers, so be sure to let your friends know too!

ANOTHER Giveaway!

This is an amazing giveaway!!  A $100 gift certificate to Magpie Accessories!  I'd love to win this, and entered in just about every way I could!  You can to...just click on the link to find out more! 

Today is Mega Swag Day!

I told you on Wednesday how much I love SwagBucks, because it is totally free!  Fridays are Mega Swag Days, where you can earn a ton more than you normally do!  Save your Swagbucks to earn PayPal cash, music downloads, gifts and prizes, and much more.  

Expiring coupons!  

The Quizno's link will allow you to print four coupons, so that one is a great deal.  And please, go to Chili's for me.  I love their queso, but there isn't one close enough to me!  Both of these coupons will go away on Saturday.  Yes, this Saturday.  So if you want them, you better get them now.

Show a little love!

Last, but certainly not least, my Etsy shop is a little sad.  It is really missing it's viewers.  And buyers.  Mostly the buyers. Stop by, won't you?  Everything at 13 Plum Knitting is 25% off with the coupon code 07CHRISTMAS, and you can even get free shipping with JULY11.  Both are awesome Christmas in July deals.  

I believe that is all for now.  I pray that everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend, spent with people you love, doing the things you love.  As always, I'm out of here for the weekend in order to spend as much time as possible with the family, but will be here bright and early Monday morning to catch everyone up!



  1. I hope the Sales Fairy returns from vacation and visits your etsy shop!


  2. Here's hoping you have a sale real soon! :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Thanks for the good wishes everyone! Sorry I haven't been on sooner to comment back. I haven't been feeling very well today!


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