Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Apparently I looked like a Zombie this morning when I woke up with Barb Wire Man.  

I woke up with him, like I always do, and made his sandwich.  He wouldn't let me pour my first cup of coffee, though, and told me to go back to bed.  Normally, I just stay up, because I get so much accomplished before the kids wake up.  I have maybe 2 hours in which to enjoy a clean house and peace, and I get a good jump start on the day.  But this morning, I did go back to bed and got an additional hour of sleep before Little Man threw all three of his puppies into my bed, and climbed in with me.  He didn't climb in to go back to sleep with mommy, though.  Oh no.  He was ready to play and watch his first viewing of Cars.  

So now I am feeling a little behind this morning.  Its 8:00, and I just now got my first load of laundry in, and am just now sitting down to write.  But, I think I will get caught back up! 

On a different note, the last few weeks have been really amazing.  A friend once told me that oftentimes the condition of our natural life is a direct result of the condition of our spiritual life.  I think she is so right.  Things were getting a little...rough.  I couldn't figure out where all the negativity was coming from, and I realized I totally was not where God wanted me.  I started seriously praying for His direction, and he certainly made me aware of some things that needed to change.  I got confirmation after confirmation that I was heading in the right direction.  The theme that has consistently been repeated for the last month or so is this: God makes His promise to us.  We are the ones who restrict Him.  We put time limits on the promise that He has given us.  If we don't see that promised fulfilled in the time we think it should, then we automatically assume that God has gone back on His promise.  But He never, never goes back on His promises to us.  It just takes awhile to see them sometimes.  At every turn in the last few months, I have personally seen this play out.  I've read a blog, and seen this message.  I've had a few promises come to pass in my own life, but it would take a book to tell you about all of them.

The fact is this: I'm such a blessed person.  God always makes good on His promises, when we trust that He will perform them at just the right time.  And when those promises are fulfilled, things get really, really awesome.  I do serve a great God.

I re-listed one of my winter hats today!  It is the perfect match to the scarf I listed yesterday. I'd love if you visited 13 Plum Knitting today and took a peek at it!  I was excited to see last night that I was featured in a Treasury on Etsy, which you can see by clicking here.  It is just perfect for me...I love anything black, silver and white!  Those treasuries are one of the best ways Etsy sellers can get more visibility for our shop.  That is accomplished when people view the treasury, click on the different pictures, and leave comments.  So, if you have a few minutes, please do that!  It means a lot to those of us who are featured.  

I pray everyone has a blessed day today.  The week is half over!



  1. "the condition of our natural life is a direct result of the condition of our spiritual life."
    SO GOOD and so true!


  2. Arrived here via Twitter :-)

    Following you :-)


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog (Heart of a Handmaiden) and leaving your blog address. I SO could have written this post myself. God is refreshing and reviving me lately and reminding me that He's got my very best in mind and I can totally trust that.
    Will definitely be popping back in now and then. Great blog!!
    Blessings to you and yours!

  4. Thanks for following my blog! Just started following you as well, love your page!

  5. Hi Plum,

    One of your new blogging buddies stopping through to say hello. I loved the way your post flowed. You got out your mini rant and then you settled down to count your blessings and give credit where due for them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am a zombie every morning. :)

  7. Thanks for the kind words and the follow. LOVE the blog and look forward to reading more!

  8. I know and believe God keeps His promises but I want to help Him along sometimes! But He doesn't need my help, He needs me to trust Him.
    I'm so glad I don't have to get up early anymore!


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