Friday, July 29, 2011

Ready For Monday?

Good gracious.  I don't know where this week went to, but I am glad it went.  I started this week of behind, and never did get caught back up!  I'm ready for Monday, so I can start fresh again, right back on my cleaning schedule, the kid's schedule, and every other imaginary schedule I set for myself!

I want to thank everyone again for your prayers for my family as we said goodbye to my Pa.  Its great to know there are other believers out there who though we've never met, commit to pray for each other.

Flower standing next to my Granny at the funeral.

The good news from this week, is that Little Man is dern near potty trained!  PRAISE THE LORD!  I'm so sick of diapers, and everything else that is related to a bodily function!  It took awhile for him to get it, but we are on a roll, and it can only get better from here, right!?

I apologize for yet another short, not so funny or interesting post.  My offspring think they are starving, so I suppose I should go begin cooking lunch.  Next week, 13 Plum Confessions will be right back to normal, God willing!  Until then, let me remind you of a few things!

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I pray that everyone has a blessed weekend, and I will see everyone again on Monday!



  1. Flower is just cute!

    BTW, if kids are awake...they are hungry!

    Have a blessed weekend!


  2. I'm following back.

    Wish you comfort and joy, and I look forward to seeing more posts!


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